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Boston is one of the cheapest places in the state to buy a used car Staff | 11.25.15 | 1:25 PM

If you re planning to buy a used car on Black Friday, you might want to think about which dealership you chose to go to it could save you some money.

San Francisco-based used car website Autolist found Boston is the No. 10 most affordable place to buy a car in Massachusetts. According to Autolist s findings, consumers who buy a car in Boston pay $178 less than the state average.

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The survey also found used cars sold in Boston are $840 less expensive than the national average.

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Alex Klein, Autolist s vice president of data science, describes the company as the Kayak of used cars. Autolist looked at the price differences of over 58 million used vehicles sold across the U.S. between November 2012 and September 2015 by city, county, state, and at the national level.

The company tracked each vehicle s price per day, resulting in over 3 billion data points to measure.

It turns out that Framingham offers consumers more savings than any other Massachusetts town, as consumers spend an average of $388 less on used cars than anywhere else in the state.

At the other end of the scale, consumers who buy a used car in Haverhill, Fitchburg, Methuen, Leominster, and Lowell can expect to pay between $478 and $582 more than the state average.

Looking at data may tell you if you want to drive somewhere to buy a car, he said. Driving an hour and a half might save you hundreds or thousands.

A greater presence of used car dealers in a city or town also contributes to more consumer savings, said Klein. Used car dealers may offer more savings to consumers if they are worried they will go to nearby used car dealership.

If there are five dealers selling a [Toyota] Camry they are competing with one another for buyers, said Klein. The more competition in a given area, the more prices are driven down.

Klein said Autolist aims to provide consumers with greater transparency and data for used car sales to make the used car buying experience a little easier.

The used car market is kind of a black box to a lot of people, said Klein. It s tough to go out and make decisions without data. But there is data out there before you make a decision it pays to take a look at that data and make an informed decision.

Here are the 10 cities and towns where it s cheapest to buy a used car:

10. Boston. Price difference compared to rest of Mass. $178 less expensive. Price difference compared to U.S. $840 less expensive. Nationwide rank: No. 222.

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