Buying a used car at the wholesale auction (like Manheim). #low #cost #auto #insurance

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Buying a used car at the wholesale auction (like Manheim)


Posted 2 Years Ago

Hello everyone, searched for similar topic on SD but didn’t find any,you are more than welcome to ask questions about purchasing a vehicle from dealers only auto auctions like Manheim or Adesa.

Community Wiki

Please include as much information as possible, like year, trim and region.

I am doing this on my spare time, so if I dont see detailed information I will skip that post.


Please stop asking for access to the auction using my credentials. I can take you to the auction for a fee, but I wont be able to give out my username and password so you can search the vehicle on your own.

Format of run list with corresponding example below:

Date Auction Sale Type Price Odometer Cond Color Eng Trans In Sample ( dont worry about the last one)

04/02/15 PA Regular $58,800 20,628 Avg SILVER 6G A Yes

Dear members of SD

I have been sharing auction data and statistics with the community for awhile now, I do this on my spare time and I get tons of messages asking for my login and password information all the time. I would like to remind that I will not share that info nor will I sell it.

Another thing, if you want to find out the price of the specific vehicle that was sold at the auction eg. you have a VIN # and the region it was sold I can see if I can get you the price it was sold for, but it takes my time. Some of you sent me Amazon gift cards which I really appreciate, so if you need specific info and contacting me through pm please be aware of this.

I will start ignoring certain requests since I am extremely busy lately.

Good luck

A note from JM1FD:

I have access to the same info as Antibiotic. I can’t get you into the auction, nor can I buy cars for you at auction. My rules for running searches are a bit different:

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of brand-spanking-new accounts posting here. If you’re a brand new member who signed up just to post in this thread, I’m not going to respond. I’m doing this for the community. You’re not really a member of the community if you haven’t been actively participating in other places ’round the forums.
  2. I will run two searches. That’s it. The searches are relatively time consuming, and are being provided so you can fine tune the numbers in the last steps of your buying process. There’s no magic that happens at the auctions. If the 2012s are cheaper than 2013s in the publicly available numbers then that’s what the auction numbers will reflect as well.

A note from IDontPayRetail:

I have access to the same info as Antibiotic and JM1FD. I can buy cars for you at auction. [ ] PM me for info. Additionally:

  1. I’ll respond to all requests equally
  2. I’ll only search for you once, as it is very time consuming
  3. Specific Vehicle VIN Searches are too time consuming for the scope of this thread. If you want a specific vehicle VIN search, PM me and we can discuss it for perhaps a fee.

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