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Buying Advice – Cars

When is the best time to buy?

Now is a great time to buy a used car.

According to vehicle information group HPI, the prices of second-hand motors are lower than they have been for a long time, but the kinds of deals available at the moment are unlikely to be around forever.

Indeed, the latest findings from the organisation found used values are already beginning to creep up again. According to HPI, buyers are continuing to look for good condition, sensible mileage models, but demand means the most popular vehicles are getting thin on the ground.

Demand for certain types of car can be seasonal too. 4x4s and estate cars are more popular when there’s ice, snow and flooded roads, so it is best to purchase these cars in the spring or summer.

Conversely it is easier to sell a sports car or convertible when the weather is warmer.

So you have decided the time is right, and you have found a car through that takes your fancy. What checks should you carry out?

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