May 15 2017

Car Dealership LED Lighting – Vivid Leds #park #auto #mall

#led auto lights

The amazing clear look of our bright white LED spotlight bulbs really makes the cars shine! By installing a 6 watt LED Par 30 bulb instead of the traditional 50 watt halogen bulbs, you are not only saving wattage but also on your emissions.

The LED lamp does not produce heat so your air conditioning does not have to run near as much. Vivid Leds also carries a full selection of LED parking lots lighting, LED garage lights and LED street lights .

At Vivid Leds, Inc. our LED lighting product line is available with warranties up to three years so your company can be confidant of our services. We stock many types of LED replacement lamps to ensure a competitive selection. For car dealership lighting. our product selection covers the entire inside and outside of your facility, lowering your costs even further by using one source. From low bay LED lights in your service bay to a LED high bay retofit in your lobby, Vivid Leds, Inc. exceeds in meeting your needs.

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