Mar 22 2018

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Car Incentives

See current car incentives and rebates on a variety of makes and models at the Autobytel website. Finding information on car incentives including rebates and low financing rates can save you a lot of money on a new vehicle. You can browse car incentives and rebates by make, model, or category.

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Car Incentives are financial offerings designed to motivate consumers to purchase a vehicle. An automobile manufacturer offers auto rebates and incentives with the hope of stimulating the sales of new or used cars. These car incentives are tempting to the consumer as they can have a dramatic affect on the overall price of a vehicle. There are often two different kinds of auto incentives that are offered by the major automotive companies: cash rebates and financing deals. Car Rebates are issued directly by the manufacturer at the time of the car sale. These auto rebates are typically given as cash back to the consumer or can be used as part of the down payment. The other type of car incentives is the financing deal. Most new car buyers cannot afford to purchase a brand new car outright and need to take advantage of car rebates. This is where financing comes into play. The customer must finance the car which results in monthly payments being made on the remaining balance. Of course with any loan there is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which is a small fee attached to the loan. If you are going to finance a new or used car, then finding auto incentives that will help lower your APR may be the best option available. Most companies offer a lowered APR rate for a certain amount of months and there are those car incentives from manufacturer’s that include zero percent APR financing. If both of these auto rebates and incentives are being offered at the same time; it is up to the buyer to figure out which method will save the most money in the long run: a cash rebate or a low financing rate. Use the website to see the most current car rebates available. Most often car incentives cannot be combined into one large auto rebate. But there are occasionally exceptions such as special car rebates offered from manufacturers. Examples of these auto rebates include: the military rebate which gives extra cash back to those Military personnel serving our Country, the student rebate which applies to those currently enrolled in school, and the loyalty rebate which is granted to those who previously purchased the same brand vehicle. You can browse the current list of car rebates online at Search by category or brand to see the top auto rebates and incentives being offered. The first order of business is to research a couple of perspective automobiles online at After you have narrowed down your choices; find the car you are interested in purchasing by browsing the huge vehicle database at Next research the various car incentives being offered. When you finally make your way to a dealership and pick out a car, you must negotiate the lowest price possible. Once you and the sales person have agreed on a set price then you can bring up the subject of auto rebates and incentives. Discuss with the dealership finance department which choice would be best. Auto rebates are subtracted from the agreed upon price. But financing auto incentives are based on your credit score. So if you have a less than stellar credit rating, you may not qualify for special financing. This is when opting for the car rebates can come in handy. In the end automobile manufacturers need to move cars and the use of car incentives can be a great motivator. As a consumer it is your responsibility to take advantage of these car rebates. It is important to research all auto rebates and incentives available in your area before heading out to a car dealership. Keep up to date on current car incentives at

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