Mar 22 2018

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Auto insurance

Desjardins auto insurance

Find out how you can save on your auto insurance premium.

  • Multi-Line Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Winter Tire Savings

Desjardins auto insurance

Car insurance coverage

Want to insure a new or used vehicle? Do you often rent a car when you travel within Canada or the U.S.? Find the car insurance coverage that’s right for you.


Having a car accident or having your vehicle stolen is stressful, but knowing that our Claims Department is one of the best in the industry for auto insurance claims is reassuring.

Addressing auto insurance fraud

At Desjardins Insurance, we are committed to protecting our clients from the effects of car insurance fraud, which pushes insurance premiums up for all drivers.

Car prevention tips

Desjardins auto insurance Desjardins auto insurance

Avoiding certain kinds of car accidents

Desjardins auto insurance Desjardins auto insurance

Preventing cracks in your windshield

Desjardins auto insurance Desjardins auto insurance

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