Oct 23 2016

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Car Lift Sales | Used Car Lifts

Affordable Automotive Equipment, Inc. is a nationwide sales and distribution company of automotive equipment such as car lifts, used car lifts, motorcycle lifts, and automotive lifts for commercial and residential applications in Orlando Florida.

Location: 428 Barry Street Orlando. FL 32808

Phone: 1-800-226-2035

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 5:00pm

Categories: Hydraulic Lifts. Automotive Equipment. Used Automotive Equipment. Challenger Lifts. Hunter Engineering

Affordable Automotive Equipment Sales is #1 above ground automotive lifts distributor in Orlando Florida. We are also a nationwide distributor of garage lifts, and automotive shop equipment such as alignment lifts, wheel balancers, tire changers, pipe benders, automotive jacks, and various automotive lifts.

We have been in business for over 25 years with a sales staff that has over 100 years combined experience in this industry providing quality automotive equipment. We have recently added to our line of automotive products. Check out our line of Ranger Products such as spray wash cabinets.

Also, new to our product line-up is QSP Air Operated Strut Compressor. and the Hunter Rovolution Tire Changer. The QSP Strut Compressor help make the work of changing struts easier cabable of handling the heaviest of Coil Over Shockts.

When it comes to tire changers, the new Hunter Revolution Tire Changer has no rival. A best of a machine that is fully automatic and easy to use. Visit our Hutner Revolution page to find out more and view videos of this tire changer in action.

Affordable Automotive Equipment, Inc. has established a business relationship with the best manufactures of automotive equipment in the industry such as Challenger Lifts, Quality Lifts, ProKar Lifts, Ranger Products, and Hunter Equipment. Our relationship with these manufactures allows us to pass on the great pricing to our customers. Call Affordable Automotive Equipment Sales today to get the best automotive equipment sales and automotive equipment service in the industry. We stock parts for the equipment we sell in our Orlando warehouse, and our professional sales and service personnel are onsite to answer any questions you may have about any of our products.

How do I know which car lift to buy?

This is a common question our customers ask when looking to purchase an automotive lift. They are usually deciding between a 2 post lift or a 4 post lift. The main factor to consider when deciding on your lift purchase is What am I using this lift for .

To help with your purchase decision, we have highlighted below a few questions to ask yourself?

  • Are you looking to store vehicles on your auto lift?
  • Are you making frequent repairs or service on your vehicle?
    Answer: 2 Post Lift
  • Are you on a limited budget for your purchase?
    Answer: 2 Post Lift
  • Are you looking for portability?
    Answer: 4 Post Lift
  • Are you to save space?

    Answer: Storage Lifts or Parking Lifts

  • If storing a car for portability sounds like the task you are most likely to be using a lift for, then the 4 post lift is highly recommended. It is able to support an entire car or truck much easier than a 2 post lift. They are more like a bed being able to support the entire vehicle. They are designed for portability, and most come with a caster kit. Not only is the 4 post lift portable with the use of the casters, but you can also permanently anchor the lift to your floor if you choose. As for power, they generally feature a 110 volt motor and easy installation because no special wiring is required.?

    If repair and maintenance is what you are looking to do with your lift, then the 2 post lift is for you. The 2 post car lifts are the most inexpensive lift for raising vehicles with heavy weights, whereas the 4 post lifts require an auxiliary lift at an extra cost. To free up wheels, these lifts allows you to have access to all parts of the vehicle for repairs and service including easy access to your wheels. The 2 post modes will raise your car higher in a low ceiling garage. If you have a 10 foot ceiling, it will raise most vehicles to about 4-1/2 feet off the ground.?Not portable as the 4 post, the 2 post MUST be anchored to the ground. And as for power, they come with a 220 volt single phase motor.

    A Few Questions to Consider When Buying a Car Lift

    When making any type of big decision, you have to weight in on all the pros and cons. Buying a car lift is no different. If you are a home owner or commercial business, assessing what automotive lift best suits your needs will help with your purchasing decision. Below you will find four basic, but essential questions you need to ask yourself when considering buying a car lift. You will be able to find the answers to these questions by taking a look at the features and specifications of the lift you are considering.

    1. What is the ceiling height measurements of the area you are looking to install the car lift? (If is very important to know the ceiling height specifications of any lift you are considering)
  • What is the weight of the vehicles you will be lifting with the car lifts? (Different types of automobiles have different weights)
  • What are the differnet types of vehicles will you be lifting; cars only, trucks only, or a combination of both?
  • What type of work or usage will you be doing on the vehicles; oil changes, tire rotations, engine work, etc.?
  • Hope this information helps when deciding on purchasing a car lift. As always, Affordable Automotive Equipment, Inc. sales team is hear to answer any questions you may have. You can give us a call at 1-800-226-2035 or contact us by email using our contact form .

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