Oct 23 2016

Car Loan Calculator #auto #deals

#auto loans calculator

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Let Our Car Loan Calculator Help With Your New Car Purchase

A car loan calculator is an excellent research tool which will help you to precisely determine how much you can afford for a car or truck. Using a car loan calculator will allow you to see how manipulating the interest rates and down payment will effect your monthly payment for a particular car and loan. The car loan calculator will essentially allow you to make a more informed decision when it comes time to get financing for your car.

CarsDirect gives you access to a loan and lease calculator (see above) to help you determine how much you can afford on a particular car or truck. All you have to do is select your credit rating, the length of your loan or lease and the applicable sales tax for your particular city. After pressing “Calculate,” the car loan calculator will then suggest the maximum amount you should spend on vehicles in both leasing and buying scenarios.

Be sure to also check out our car insurance calculator page to help estimate insurance costs.

Once you’re informed on how much you can afford, you’re ready to start car shopping! To make it easy, CarsDirect provides a link from the calculator to an organized list of cars and trucks that fall within your price range. You can further sort the list by vehicle type, so if you’re in the market for an SUV, you can select “Sport Utility Vehicle” from the drop down menu, saving you time. Only SUVs which fall within your price range will appear.

In addition to the car loan calculator, be sure to check out CarsDirect’s other car shopping tools. CarsDirect features real transactional prices, official specifications, review summaries from leading publications, in-depth test drive articles, buying guides, and a daily update of incentives. The Car Research section of our site is an excellent place to start accessing these tools.

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