Jul 31 2017

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Understand the Process Cost to Ship a Car Factors

Smaller cars are cheaper to ship; bigger and heavier vehicles are more expensive so please remember that vehicle type matters. When we have a heavier car this means the carrier has to load fewer cars on the trailer because the bigger car takes more space which reflects on a higher price. Auto transport carriers have a weight limit determined by the USDOT and they must follow this regulation strictly if they don t want to get fined.

The type of carrier affects the cost of shipping. Open auto transport carrier is the standard method and we use it for all types of vehicles. It is widely available because of the higher demand and thus easier to schedule. Enclosed auto transport service is more expensive and most often used for sports, luxury or classic automobiles as it offers more protection from weather and road elements. The number of enclosed carrier on the road in the US is much less then open and hence more expensive and sometimes it takes a bit more time to arrange.


The distance plays a major role in the auto transport price formation. In general, shipping a car across the country will be more expensive than shipping it 500 miles. Greater distance means longer time (work hours) and more fuel consumed by the carrier. To learn more about transit time by distance please check this article .

Vehicle condition running or not running

Whether your car is running or not this affects the cost. If the vehicle does not move on its own power then we need to schedule a special truck that can winch it onto the trailer. This is additional equipment, and extra work cost more. For some inoperable cars we may even need a fork lift to load and unload the vehicle, which additionally increases the price.

Location rural vs. major city

Transporting to a major metropolitan area means more opportunities for the truck drivers to load their carriers completely while rural areas are often traveled to for only one vehicle. This means that if your automobile is in a rural area, away from the highway and from a major metro area the transport from and to such an area will cost you more.

The auto transport industry has its high and low seasons which affect certain routes. Winter is often the low season and customers can receive better rates, but this still depends on the route. For example, the Florida routes are affected by the snowbirds season every spring and winter and the prices are higher. In the fall prices to ship a car to Florida go up and the same happen in the spring for prices out of Florida. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California are also affected by these price fluctuations.

Just like in many other industries the customer actually competes against other customers for a spot on the car carrier. The fact us that when the demand is high the truck space in general is limited, which means that vehicles priced higher on the central dispatch boards ship first. When the demand is normal then the supply is also normal and every vehicle ships in a timely manner. It could be confusing to some customers, but this is how the industry functions. Even if you have booked a month in advance. the higher paying vehicles will still ship first because a new, better paying load (vehicle) might become available to the trucker at any time and they would always prefer to take that load. A a good broker is the one who works hard to offer you an affordable rate and also a fair pay to the trucker because hitting this golden middle is what guarantees a reliable auto transport service.

The current price of fuel

Fuel prices change fluctuate often and this affects the final auto transport rate. Petrol price is still an important factor when it comes to auto transport and if the price at the gas stations goes up, the price for shipping a car will go up as well. That is why our agents will tell you that the quote is good for one week only and then it might change.

Our auto shipping rates are live – we track the fluctuation of the auto transport costs daily and deliver the most current rates. Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation agents monitor the car shipping prices and provide you with an accurate quote via email or phone. We work with thousands of auto carriers from across the country to find the most affordable vehicle shipping rate. Our agents are on standby to make sure you receive your shipping quote fast and schedule your shipment easily.

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