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Welcome to Cars for Charity Vehicle Donation official web site

This Cars for Charity site explains the vehicle donation process in detail. Vehicles will be towed by Total Resource Auctions. after Cars for Charity receives your information. Vehicles are usually towed within four days of the car being released. Please remember to leave the keys in the glove box, remove the license plates and personal items. If the vehicle is in danger of being impounded, please indicate on your paperwork that this is a Rush Pick Up. After a donated vehicle is sold, the net proceeds go to the chose non profit.

Mission And Purpose

Cars for Charity, Inc. is a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The purpose and mission of Cars for Charity, Inc. is a Vehicle Donation center and is to act as an enabling entity for other non-profit organizations. Many non-profit organizations are unable to have an in-house vehicle donation program. because they financially are unable to spend the money required by the Colorado Department of Revenue to obtain a Dealer’s License, bond and do not have the staff, time and expertise to manage an in-house program. Cars for Charity, Inc. eliminates these obstacles. Cars for Charity holds the Dealer’s License, the motor vehicle bond, and brokers the donated vehicles to the appropriate facility for direct sale, auction or as scrap.

Why Donate?

Colorado non-profit organizations benefit from your vehicle donation. 100% of the net proceeds goes to the donor’s designated Charity. We do not take a percentage of the profit.

vehicle donation

is a tax deduction. Please contact your tax advisor or the IRS regarding how donating a vehicle can benefit your personal tax situation.

It’s easier than fixing or advertising selling your vehicle.

Free Towing, Running or Not within 4 days of vehicle being released
Free Title Services
You receive a receipt for your tax-deductible gift

What Can Be Donated?

Who Profits?

Cars for Charity are currently processing vehicles for over thirty Colorado non-profit organizations. You choose which non-profit organization the proceeds are to go to. Please see List of Non-Profits or choose your own.

How do I Donate?

The donation form can be printed off this website and mailed to: Cars for Charity, 3478 Running Deer Dr, Castle Rock, CO 80109 with the signed title.

Submit the donation form online. The signed title and keys will be picked up with the vehicle. The vehicle will not be picked up if the signed title is not in the vehicle.

If you have questions please call 720-387-5124 or the non-profit organization.


Vehicles cannot be sold without a clear title. The title is signed over to Cars for Charity. If you do not have a title, you can obtain a duplicate title at your county Department of Motor Vehicle.

Tax Deduction

The tax laws for donating vehicles worth more than $500 changed on Jan.1, 2005. Under the new IRS rules, if the claimed value of the donated vehicle, boat, RV, or motorcycle is more than $500 and the vehicle is sold, the taxpayer can only claim the gross proceeds from the sale. After the vehicle is sold, Cars for Charity will send the donor a statement with the amount the vehicle sold for at auction. Taxpayers can still deduct the fair market value of a vehicle worth $500 or less. If the vehicle sells for $500 or less, Cars for Charity is not required to notify the donor of the selling price; the donor can claim up to $500 as a deduction.



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