Certified Pre-Owned Car Prices (CPO)

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Certified Pre-Owned Car Inspections

Certified Pre-Owned Car Warranties

One of the most attractive reasons to purchase a certified pre-owned car is that they usually come with a comprehensive warranty covering a range of parts and services such as roadside assistance for you. It is important to note that certified pre-owned car warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of how long you are covered and what car parts and services are actually included. Often a manufacturer will honor the remainder of the original new car warranty on their “factory” certified used cars along with an additional short-term bumper-to-bumper coverage package. However, other car manufacturers may not transfer the original “factory” warranties, but may offer a new bumper-to-bumper coverage package.

Another factor to consider is the difference between a manufacturer-certified car and a dealer-certified car. Manufactured-certified cars can be repaired at any like-branded dealership whereas a dealer-certified car, may have to be returned to the dealership where you purchased the car for any necessary work to be done under the warranty.

Make sure to review manufacturer-specific program details to get a clear understanding of what is provided, covered, under what circumstances and for what duration.

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