Jul 31 2017

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Minimum Automobile Insurance Requirements In Connecticut

Auto insurance in Connecticut is mandatory. Every registered driver should have insurance to operate a vehicle. Knowing insurance laws and other tips will prepare Connecticut drivers for the worse.

Insurance Fraud in Connecticut

Insurance fraud can result in a five year imprisonment term and a fine up to $5,000. Violators of the law will be charged with a class D felony. This punishment is awarded to any person who intends to defraud or deceive an insurance company with misleading information. Some of the most common types of insurance fraud includes staged auto accidents. These accidents are caused deliberately in an effort to collect from insurance companies. Sideswipe accidents and low speed rear ends are the most common types of accidents. People who participate in these schemes are often involved with organized groups that recruit tow truck drivers, repair shops, and other the participants. Each person involved receives financial compensation from the accidents. Insurance fraud costs Connecticut consumers $1.9 billion annually, and each family over $1,800 in premium annually.

Alcohol-Related Accidents in Connecticut

In general, 44 percent of all accidents in Connecticut related to alcohol resulted in fatalities. The state, however, has a low number of accidents per capita. Ninety-nine out of 223 accidents are alcohol-related.

Unique Laws in Connecticut

In Bloomfield, Connecticut, it is against the law to eat a snack or a meal while in your car. Any drivers must be sure to eat before getting into the car or hefty fines may be assessed.

Did You Know? Unique Facts About Connecticut Driving

Did you know that Connecticut has ruled that it is against the law to shoot animals while sitting in a vehicle? Even if the driver is sitting in the middle of a field, and it is deer season, it is illegal.

Connecticut Insurance Facts

Insurance in Connecticut is Mandatory. Connecticut requires that all drivers with a vehicle registered in the state of Connecticut purchase insurance. Liability insurance is the minimum requirement. Insurance must be on the vehicle if it is registered in the state. The minimum insurance levels should be $20,000 for bodily injury for one person injured and $40,000 bodily injury maximum for every injury in an accident. There should also be a minimum of $10,000 property damage for a single accident. Must Have Proof of Financial Responsibility. When registering a vehicle, Connecticut drivers must submit evidence of insurance. or the vehicle cannot be registered. Rental Cars Require Minimum Liability. It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle without minimum liability. No Fault or Tort State. Connecticut is considered a Tort state. This means that the at-fault driver must pay for any damages caused to the victim s vehicle and body. Pain and suffering and lost wages must also be paid.

Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Since Connecticut requires insurance and proof of insurance, it is imperative to choose the best insurance available. Proper research will ensure that the minimum levels are obtained for insurance.

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