Cheap Windshield or Free Car Window

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Cheap Windshield or Free Car Window

A windshield replacement will not empty your wallet, but when you hear the words free or cheap it might be better to find a more reputable glass company to fix your vehicle.

A broken windshield will take about an hour to replace, and a good installer will only use certified products to keep that installation safe.  Any company can offer free windshields, so long as you have a zero deductible.  However; have you taken into account if that cheap company will give you OEM glass and will they be using the proper adhesives to keep that windshield intact upon a collision?  We have seen windshields installed with silicone and other glues that would allow leakage and debris to enter and damage electrical panels.

Questions to consider when picking your glass installer:

1)       Are you getting an OEM or Aftermarket piece of glass?

2)       Are you getting certified adhesives to glue your windshield into place?

3)       Are the technicians trained or is the installer only doing this as a side job?

4)       Will the technician make sure to hook up all the electrical components?

5)       Will you be getting a new molding or is the old one being reused?

6)       How long has the company been in business?

7)       Does the company have a national warranty?

At Speedy Glass we value every customer and use only the highest quality materials available to give a safe installation.  We may not be the cheapest glass company in town, but the value you will receive for an extra $20 will give you peace of mind for years to come.

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