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During the spring and summer of 1911 rumors of an alliance between Louis Chevrolet and William Durant circulated in Detroit. During the later part of the year, Durant launched a trio of interrelated ventures, the Mason Motor Company, the Little Motor Car Company and the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. Although the companies’ first cars the Little Four and Six and Chevrolet’s Six Type C Classic and Model H met with appreciative reception, it was the Chevrolet 490 with electric lights and self-starter that captured car buyers’ attention. The 490 was announced on December 16, 1914 shown at the New York Auto Show in January 1915, and placed on sale June 1, 1915.

There were few adults in America who did not know that $490.00 was the cost of the Model T Ford. Within 17 days of putting the new car on the market the Chevrolet Motor Company had accepted orders, all secured by cash deposits, for 46,611 490s valued at $23,329,390. The 490 was assembled in franchised plants throughout the country to reduce cost and speed deliveries, offering a superior car to the Model T at a competitive price. During the summer of 1914 more than 1000 new orders were received every day. Six weeks after the 490 went on sale the Model T’s price was reduced to $440.00.

In essence the 490 was the 4 cylinder Chevrolet stripped to essentials, put on a 102 in. wheel base and offered in any color so long as it was black. A simplified version of the Chevy’s 4 cylinder 170.9 cu. in. Model H engine of the 490 developed 20 horse power the same as the Model T. In almost three years Louis Chevrolet and William Durant brought the company to fourth place in sales and by 1916 produced 62,898. Chevrolet became a part of GM in 1918 and during its first year with the corporation sold 80,434 cars.


From its inception the Cadillac has symbolized the highest possible quality, a reputation that originated with one of the company’s founders Henry Martyn Leland. Early and unique to the automobile industry was Leland’s insistence on precision manufacturing. Every Cadillac part was submitted to a limit test gauge test. Every Cadillac part down to the humblest grease cap had to be standardized and interchangeable with absolutely no reworking to fit. Consequently Cadillac’s manufacturing tolerances would not be surpassed elsewhere in the industry for decades.

The Cadillac auto company was organized on August 22, 1902. the first car was undertaken in September and completed in October. It was sold and shipped to Buffalo, New York, the second car went to Chicago. When the company exhibited the car at the New York Automobile Show in January of 1903, 2286 ten dollar deposits on orders were received by mid week, and Cadillac announced “sold out,” achieving one of the greatest sales coups of the era.

Production of the Model A Cadillac began in March 1903. Available with runabout body or rear entrance tonneau, from the exterior it closely resembled the Ford Model A, both cars having received Henry Leland’s touch, while being mechanically quite different. The important difference was the precision of the manufacture. It permitted Leland’s revolutionary concept of interchangeable parts, making possible the automobile industry’s incredible growth.

The tradition continues today, Cadillac’s quality and reputation are among the finest in the industry.

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