Feb 8 2018

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City Auto & Truck Parts: Serving All of Canada

Auto Repair Services

Serving the Greater Edmonton area since 1987, City Auto & Truck Parts offers a full line of auto repair and towing services, as well as replacement parts and tires for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Our shop is staffed by a team of enthusiastic and skilled licensed mechanics who will quickly and efficiently identify your problem and provide a solution. We invite you to search our vast automotive parts inventory from our inventory search page.

Computerized Part Locating

Shipping quality new and used car parts to all of Canada for over 20 years, you can count on City Auto & Truck Parts to find that needed replacement part. Not in the area? We ship auto parts anywhere in the country. Our computerized part locating service allows us to search quickly and efficiently, finding the high quality parts you need fast. We specialize in both domestic and imported car parts, as well as new and classic vehicles. All of our parts are backed by a 90-day warranty. Contact us to learn more.

Recycle and Re-Use

Don’t let your wrecked vehicle sit and rot. Let City Auto & Truck Parts part it out and recycle it. Our towing service will take your vehicle away and re-use its working parts. Call City Auto & Truck Parts at 780-440-1400 now for more information.

“Retire Your Ride” and “Switch Out”

City Auto & Truck Parts is a participant in the “Retire Your Ride” program, which gives government reimbursements to consumers as an incentive to persuade them to trade their old vehicles for more fuel efficient cars that are less harmful to the environment. The “Switch Out” program is an attempt to remove harmful mercury deposits from landfills. City Auto & Truck Parts is proud to be associated with these fine programs.

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