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College of Applied Health Sciences

The UIC College of Applied Health Sciences is nationally known for educating professionals who help people achieve or maintain the health and freedom to live the lives they choose for themselves.

The college has five departments: biomedical and health information sciences, disability and human development, kinesiology and nutrition, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Areas of concentration include diet and exercise, cardiovascular health, motor control, neuroscience, rehabilitation science, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health information management, biomedical and health informatics, medical illustration and disability advocacy.

  • College of Applied Health Sciences
  • AHS academic programs

    The UIC College of Education produces educators who make good on the promise of public education in Chicago and communities around the country. Its mission includes a focus on educating African American and Latino children, the majority of Chicago Public Schools students.

    The college offers undergraduate and graduate programs to develop teachers, principals, researchers and community leaders. The goal: social change through education that fosters self-worth, self-confidence and self-advocacy.

    • College of Education
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    College of Engineering

    The UIC College of Engineering offers learning, research and internships for a fulfilling career. Engineering and computer science graduates excel in areas from biotechnology, cybersecurity and information technology to nanotechnology, civil infrastructure, and energy/environmental technology.

    The college’s 20 student organizations offer hands-on learning and professional development. More than 500 companies and organizations have hired UIC students and graduates over the last two years. UIC engineering graduates help drive social and economic progress in business, industry, government and education.

    • College of Engineering

    The UIC Graduate College supports the research, scholarship and success of over 8,000 graduate students in 64 doctoral and 98 master’s degree programs. Working with the other UIC colleges, the Graduate College provides professional development opportunities for academic success and future careers. With programs like PASSAGE Scholars, the college follows UIC’s commitment to increasing the number of underrepresented students in graduate studies.

    With faculty mentors and small class size, the UIC Honors College offers exceptional students many opportunities for advanced intellectual growth, leadership and community service. Students participate in undergraduate research, internships, study abroad and other activities. In their senior year, they complete an Honors Capstone project. A GPA of at least 3.4 is required for the Honors College.

    The UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the idea that a strong liberal arts and sciences education is the best foundation for a bright future.

    By taking courses across a broad range of disciplines — including literature, biology, history, economics, foreign languages and more — students gain the critical skills to succeed in any field. The result: creative problem-solvers, effective communicators and strong leaders.

    • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    The UIC Jane Addams College of Social Work carries forward the mission of Jane Addams and the Hull-House movement, adapting social work to the needs and realities of today s urban settings.

    As a premier institution for graduate study, the college is a recognized leader in social work research, education and service. Faculty, staff and students share a commitment to social justice and a passion for making a difference in the world, working with communities, policymakers, agencies and individuals.

    • Jane Addams College of Social Work

    College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs

    The UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs has an international reputation for promoting just, resilient and livable communities — cities that work.

    The college and its two departments of Public Administration and Urban Planning and Policy improve the quality of urban life through education, research and community engagement in transportation, housing, economic development, policy analysis, government finance and more. Students get hands-on experience in internships with more than 100 agencies and companies in the Chicago area.

    • College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
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