Sep 30 2016

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Save the Date! CAR Annual Meeting is January 23rd, 2016

The Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association (CAR) Annual Meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2016.  The meeting will be held the PPA Event Center, 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, CO 80211 from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  This annual event is a great place to network with your fellow recyclers and share ideas and stories about your business.

There is a lot of important information to be shared this year.  There will be information about the new workers compensation plan as well as an introduction to a new web based communications tool that will allow CAR members to find parts and share information more efficiently statewide!

We are planning on having national speakers on hand to provide insight into the current state of the industry and inform us on ways to increase and improve our business operations.

There are numerous Sponsorship and Exhibitor opportunities available.  Please use the links below to see more information on how you can support CAR and increase your facetime with our members.

2016 Sponsorship Opportunities

More information will follow and check back here for the latest information.

**COMING SOON** New Tool to Help Keep Colorado Recyclers Connected

The Board of Directors of CAR have been working to develop a new communications platform for our members.  The system is web based and can be used in any part of the state with no equipment limitations.  The system is currently in testing but we will be ready to roll it out at the Annual Meeting on January 23, 2016.  Please plan on joining us to see this new and efficient technology!

CAR Legislative News

Big ticket items for legislative session continue to be budget and state investment in business and infrastructure. General Assembly is now working on Long Bill or annual budget bill. While the state has over 500 million in new revenues, it now appears that there will be fight as General Assembly finds itself in a Tabor Refund situation. With Tabor and expansion of state programs, education and Medicare, there is little left of the 500 million.

For CAR members, there continues to be couple of bills of interest:

HB-1206: Recycling Tax Credits- this is aimed at equipment tax credits for waste recyclers. We are watching the bill as we may want to request a tax credit next year for motor vehicle and metal recycling as well. The bill is now awaiting appropriations committee to see if there is money to fund the effort. If this bill passes, it opens the way for a potential effort for our recyclers to gain a tax credit next year.

Late Bill. Delivery of Motor Vehicle Title in 30 Days. Used Motor Vehicle Dealers are running a late bill to address the delivery of a title in 30 days and asking for some revisions due to parties holding up the process. We just received the bill today and will forward to CAR Board for review and comment. The Used Dealers have asked for a CAR review and possible support position. This will have to one of those review and comment on-line issues as we are now into the last 30 days of the session.

Business Bills. The Regulatory Reform Act HB-1065 and SB-180, the Civil Rights Penalties Fix bill SB-069 have all been killed in the House. There appears to be little support in the House to reform the regulatory process for small businesses this year.

Spring has sprung. The end of the legislative session is quickly approaching and there will be some major late bills offered in the next few weeks. If any impact CAR we will be in touch ASAP.

RJ Hicks- Hicks Associates

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