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Paying your Comcast bill

Comcast offers its customers a variety of ways to pay their Comcast bill, ranging from the traditional and basic method of mailing in a check to a Comcast payment remittance center, to setting up an automatic recurring payment from your bank checking account or credit card. On this website, we won’t spend any time focused on paying with a check sent through the mail, since we assume that readers know how to do that already.

All of these options can be accessed from the Comcast website by going to the Manage My Account pages.

View your current Comcast bill and past statements

Comcast allows you to view your current Comcast bill as well as past historical statements. The default ebill view is that of a summary statement bill showing previous balance amount, any recent payments credited to your account, new charges due, and a payment due date.

There are also links that let you access a printable version of the bill that you see on the page, and a View Paper Statement link that allows you to see PDF versions of previous bills. You can view any recent activity that has not yet been billed to your account from this page as well.

The default bill is your current Comcast bill summary, but historical bill summaries can be viewed by selecting the desired billing date from the drop down list.

Should you want to sign up for Comcast electronic statement delivery and save some trees, stamps and time, you can do that on the Comcast website by clicking on the Statement Delivery link. With Comcast electronic statement delivery, you receive a notification via your preferred email address every month when your statement is available online. Then you can login and review or print your bill.

Comcast offers two options for electronic bill delivery:

  • Your bill is only available online, and no paper bill will be mailed
  • A paper copy of your bill will continue to be delivered along with an email notification when the new monthly statement has been created

Comcast online bill pay

An easy way to make a Comcast payment is by doing so directly from the Comcast website via the Pay My Bill link. Note that you will have to be logged into your Comcast account in order to do this. You are presented with a page that requires 3 steps to complete. Note that the payment date is set to current date, so you cannot future date a payment.

  • Step 1 – Choose whether you want to make the payment using your checking account, or your credit card. If you want to just make a single payment, choose the Do It Once option (more on the recurring payment option later).
  • Step 2 – Enter the amount that you want to pay to Comcast. It does not have to match the amount that Comcast says you owe. you can pay less than the amount due or more than the amount due. If you are paying via checking account, you are prompted to enter your bank account routing and transit account information along with your bank account number. The routing and transit information can be found at the bottom of the paper checks that are issued to you by your bank, or your bank will be happy to provide you with the correct information. If you are paying via credit/debit card, you have to enter the usual credit/debit card information such as card number, expiration date, and card security code.
  • Step 3 – The final step is just to confirm the payment information entered on prior screens, and to authorize Comcast to initiate the payment on your behalf. After you click the Authorize button, your Comcast online payment is complete.

Comcast recurring payments bill pay

If you sign up to make your Comcast payment using the Comcast PayDirect service, you are authorizing Comcast to either automatically charge your debit or credit card each month for the amount of your Comcast bill, or you are authorizing Comcast to generate an ACH payment draft from your checking or savings account every month on your payment due date. Autopay services like Comcast PayDirect can be a handy way to ensure that your bills are paid on time every month without you having to lift a finger to do so, but you have to be sure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account or adequate credit available on your credit card for this to work for you.

The down side to autodebit programs such as this is that they can sometimes be a bit of a pain to turn off, as you may have to contact a customer service representative to disable autopay. Also, if there is an issue with the amount of your monthly bill from Comcast and you want to dispute some of the charges on your statement, it likely will be difficult for you to get timely agreement from Comcast to not draft your bank account in any particular month for the full amount due.

If you do choose to sign up for Comcast’s PayDirect service, use the Pay My Bill link but choose the Make it a regular thing option instead of the Do It Once option described in the section above. The steps are pretty much the same to setup a recurring payment to Comcast as they are to setup a one time payment.

Comcast bill pay over the phone

Comcast offers an option to pay your Comcast bill via telephone through a service called Speedpay. Unfortunately, the Comcast Speedpay service does not seem to be available in all of the markets that Comcast serves, so you’ll need to check with Comcast to see if this payment option is available in your service area.

Where Speedpay is available, you dial the Comcast Speedpay phone number and interact with an Interactive Voice Response system to schedule and complete your payment. Expect to be prompted for your Comcast account number and your payment information. At the end of the transaction, you’ll receive a confirmation number to keep for your records, so be prepared to write it down. Also, be aware that Comcast may charge an account processing fee for using the Speedpay service. Fees vary and you’ll have to call you local Comcast billing office for specific information in your service area.

In person payments to Comcast

You can make in person payments to Comcast by visiting a Comcast service center location. Alternatively, you can make a cash payment to Comcast by visiting a CheckFreePay Agent location .

Paying your Comcast bill at your bank

Many people choose to pay their Comcast bill using the free electronic bill pay services that are offered by virtually all of the major banks in the United States. The advantage of paying this way is that you can consolidate all of your bill paying activity at a single website, rather than needing to login each month to various biller sites. This also means that all of your bill pay history remains in one place as well, which can be useful when you find you need to research past payment activity. Most of the major banking bill pay sites also support the ability for you to receive electronic bills, so going paperless is not a problem.

On the negative side, you’ll typically need to build in some lead time for scheduling your payment to arrive by the biller’s due date. This lead time allows the bank bill pay system to process your payment and transmit it over to the biller. If the bank has an electronic connection with the biller, the lead time can be as little as 1 day. If they don’t, then they may require that you schedule your payment as much as 5 days in advance of your payment due date to give them time to generate a paper check on your behalf and mail it to the biller.

Learn about online bill pay providers such as Bank of America and MyCheckFree.

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