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Common Car Insurance Discounts

Some auto insurance discounts are applied automatically. Others you have to ask for. This page includes information about some of the most common discounts. Check out the list and see if you’re getting all the savings you may qualify for.

Automatic discounts

You probably don’t need to ask your insurer for the following discounts. If you qualify, they usually kick in automatically based on the information you provide when getting a quote. Still, if you’re looking for extra savings, it doesn’t hurt to check.

Good driver

This is for drivers who steer clear of claims and traffic violations. Insurers usually look at the last three years of your driving record to determine whether you should get this discount.

Antilock brakes other safety features

Even though most cars now come with antilock brakes and airbags, your insurer may give you a discount for having them.


If you insure more than one car on a policy, you could get a multicar discount. The more cars you add to your policy, the bigger your discount may be.


Insurers also give discounts if you buy more than one type of policy from them. So if you buy home or renters insurance from your car insurer, you could end up getting a discount.

Low mileage

People who drive less tend to get into fewer accidents. As a result, insurers may give you a discount for keeping your annual mileage low. You probably won’t qualify if you drive more than 15,000 miles a year.


If you’ve been with your insurer for a number of years, they may give you a discount just for sticking with them.

Payment methods

There are two ways to get a price break when paying for your policy:

  1. If you pay for your entire policy at once, you could get a paid-in-full discount.
  2. If you decide to spread the payments out, you could still cut your costs by setting up automatic billing.

Early shopper

If you’re going to start shopping for car insurance, do it early. Some insurers will give you a discount if you apply for a new policy well before your renewal date.

Discounts you should ask about

In addition to discounts that are automatic, there are others that require you to let your insurer know you qualify. Ask your insurer about the following discounts.

Antitheft devices

If you have comprehensive insurance (which covers theft of your car), you could get a discount for having an antitheft device. Ask your insurer what type of device you’d need to get this discount.

Association memberships

Some insurers partner with private and public associations to give discounts to members. Ask your insurer for a list of associations to see if you belong to any that could help you save on coverage.

Good student

If you have a high school or college student on your policy, do yourself a favor and ask about the good-student discount. If they qualify, it could help cut costs. Most insurers require a B average or better for this discount.

Distant student

If you have a young driver who doesn’t have access to your car while away at school, let your insurer know. You may be able to cut your premiums if they have limited access to your car.

Defensive driving courses

If you’re 55 or older, you may be able to get a discount for keeping up on your driving abilities. In many states, insurers are required to offer this discount. Ask your insurer if there are driving courses you can take to reduce your premium. These discounts are usually only for older drivers, but that’s not always the case.

Usage-based programs

If you drive safely, infrequently, or both, you may want to look into a usage-based discount program. These programs use a device you install in your car to track how far it’s driven and/or if it’s driven safely. Depending on how you drive, you could potentially get a discount of up to 30%. You could also get a discount just for signing up.

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