Oct 24 2016

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Compare Auto Transport Quotes with the Auto Transport Calculator


American Auto Move s Rate Comparison Tool is designed to help you find the best price for a quote. You don t need to get a quote from American Auto Move to use it; just enter your pick up and drop off destinations, check the appropriate options, fill in the name and price offered by any company, and find out what your best options are!

What s the Purpose of the Rate Comparison Tool?

The Rate Comparison Tool was designed to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. It compares bids from other companies to the standard rate. You enter where your car is being shipped to and how much other companies are offering, and the Rate Comparison Tool lets you know if that rate is valid.

What Do You Mean by Valid?

Contrary to what some believe, there is a standard rate to ship a car. You calculate that rate by taking the distance between your pick up and destination locations, and multiplying that number by .32 (as the standard rate for shipping is currently $0.32/mile.) By validating the price for you, the Rate Comparison Tool allows you to root out prices are too low to move your car, or prices that are higher than they need to be. This means that you can make your decision based on the things that matter, like the prospective track record of a company.

Do I Have to Enter the Names of the Companies I m Comparing?

No, you don t. The Competitor Name Field is there simply to help you keep track of which companies are offering valid quotes and which aren t.

Can I Get a Quote From American Auto Move While Comparing Other Quotes?

Sure. All you have to do is keep the box checked above the submit quote button, fill out a few more fields, and receive an instant auto transport quote right away!

Are These Rates Accurate?

While the rates produced by the Rate Comparison Tool are generally accurate, prices may vary due to real-world circumstances. Thus, it is necessary that you confirm your price with a representative in the event that given car transport rates are not accurate.

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