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What you’ll need to get a car insurance quote

Getting a quote takes about 5 minutes, but having the following to hand could speed up your quote.

%img src=”” /% Details of the car – The reg number isn’t needed to get a quote, but you’ll need it to buy your insurance. You’ll also need to declare any modifications made to the car.

%img src=”” /% No-claims bonus (NCB) – Could give you up to 75% discount on your insurance. Generally, 5 years is the max NCB, but some companies discount up to 8 years or more.

%img src=”” /% Driving licence and convictions – The type of licence, how long you’ve held it and details of any speeding tickets, points or disqualifications you’ve had in the last 5 years.

%img src=”” /% Details of any other drivers – You’ll need other drivers’ names and licence details to add them to any policy.

%img src=”” /% Previous claims or accidents – If you’ve been in an accident or raised a claim in the past 5 years, you’ll need details of the date, claim cost and accident type.

If you have a pickup and are looking for insurance, you’ll need to use our van insurance process. This is because generally 4x4s are classified as cars and pickup trucks are not due to their longer wheel base and the fact they often exceed 3.5 tonnes.

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