May 28 2017

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Car Buying Service Customer Reviews

Sue B. saved $5,126 off MSRP “Love this service! Love my new car! Truly a worry free experience.”

Robin G. saved $5,827 off MSRP “I’m bad at haggling, so it really helped to have a guaranteed price that I could know before going to the dealership, and it was a great price!”

Jack M. saved $1,757 off MSRP “The program saved me thousands of dollars on a new car and allowed me to avoid talking with numerous sales people to get the deal I wanted. Thank you.”

Craig M. saved $3,395 off MSRP “I found the Build and Buy program very helpful for providing me with information that gave me the power to negotiate prices. Several dealers responded and were willing to sell me the vehicle I wanted at or very close to the estimated price your program came up with.”

William D. saved $3,551 off MSRP “It has been 4 years since I bought a new car. I was amazed at how easily three dealers honored the Consumer Reports price. What a great way to start the negotiations. I felt completely comfortable purchasing the car at the Consumer Reports price but I even worked a slightly better deal, at which point I knew it was a great deal.”

William C. saved $2,452 off MSRP “At the time of purchase, I asked our sales person if I had come to the dealership without the Consumer Reports price statement, would I have been able to get – as good as or a better deal. She responded – absolutely not. You did your homework on the Internet and were rewarded!”

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