Nov 7 2016

Consumers pick best used cars under $5000 #oreiley #auto #parts

#cars under 5000

Consumers pick best used cars under $5000

Recent research has revealed that consumers pick the best used cars under certain figures more than any other, especially when budgets are tight. The figure revealed points to $5,000, as the most popular price point in early 2015.

One of the main reasons for this figure is because it s not too much for college students. Ok, so it might be a little over budget for some of you, although it does guarantee you will not be driving around in a piece of rubbish.

We know that the budget for a college student is already stretched a little thin, but anything less than $5,000 on a used car and you run the risk of buying a heck of trouble. If you are looking for a car with that sort of budget, then don t expect to haggle the price down, as profit margins are pretty tight at this price bracket.

It s obvious that there are going to be certain modes that appeals to particular students, as it depends what it is they are studying. This could mean those that think more about the environment would go for a small vehicle with low emissions. However, if you are studying music, then you are going to need some sort of mini van.

If you are just your average student, then one car that appeals to girls has to be the VW Beetle, and guys tend to go for something like the Ford Focus. For those of you looking for a used car and have a budget of $5,000, then head over to Edmunds to see what is available for you.

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