Aug 11 2017

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Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP)

Contact Center: Service Provider

Enghouse Interactive unique offerings is a highly scalable, carrier-grade, multi-channel contact center platform that was architected from the ground up more than a decade and a half ago for multi-tenant, cloud-based delivery of contact center as a service. Therefore our partners can offer the true flexibility of a truly cloud pay as you go offer.

Multi-tenancy is the key enabler for creation of public cloud and community cloud contact center services since it empowers providers to securely host multiple companies and/or business units on a single shared platform.

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Through our partners cloud means only paying for the services you need, when you need them, so you can easily adjust for seasonal spikes or unexpected events without unnecessary expense. With multiple commercial offering you can rest assured we have the right solution for you.

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All-IP Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) provides queuing and routing for all contact types, including phone, video, email, chat and more. All contact types are seamlessly blended into a single queuing and routing intelligence (the “UQ”), and all can follow the same call flow and routing rules. In addition, all contact types are tracked and managed through one database and one set of reports. Forms-based tools define routing rules, and simple GUI scripting tools enable advanced data-driven and skills-based routing plans.

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Outbound dialing supports multiple dialing modes for different business needs. Predictive dialing uses sophisticated algorithms based on real-time massive simulation to dynamically control the dialing rate and immediately route successful calls to available agents.

In preview dialing mode, users see target information and confirm call placement before each call is dialed. In progressive mode, users can review information as the call is being dialed. With IVR dialing, successful out dials are routed to an IVR script which may include eventual transfer to an agent. The dialing suite also includes comprehensive answering machine detection capabilities and the ability to leave a message if required.

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