Sep 19 2017

Contact Vonage Customer Service: Email, Phone Number – Fax #vonage #call #center #number


Contact Vonage Customer Service

Contacting Vonage Customer Service Center

Vonage is a voice over Internet protocol phone company. That means the phone service provided by Vonage is accessed over your current Internet connection. If you do not have an Internet connection, you cannot sign-up for the Vonage phone service. There is a contract associated with most Vonage packages. That contract is typically one year, but Vonage customers need to read the fine print of any offer before ordering service to determine just how long the contract term is.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Vonage is not afraid to list the sales phone number for new customers, but the customer service phone number is not as openly available. After searching around, we finally stumbled on a different website dedicated to supporting Vonage customers. Customer service is available by phone 24/7.

Vonage Customer Service Helpline: 1-800-528-7690

Customer Service (customers): 1-866-243-4357

Customer Service (non-customers): 1 -800-980-1455

Customer Service (Spanish): 1-866-243-4357

The Spanish customer service line is open to take calls from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) EST, 7 days a week. The call center is not staffed with Spanish-speaking representatives overnight.

Mailing Address

You can contact Vonage USA at this address:

23 Main St.
Holmdel, NJ 00773

Official Website

The official website for Vonage sales is located at If you are interested in learning more about Vonage customer service and support, you’ll need to visit the support website at From the support website, customers can access FAQs on billing, features, mobile applications, international calling and more.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email staff is available 24/7, so you can contact them at any time through the email form on the Vonage support website. The email contact form is available here .

We’ve sent an email to Vonage customer service to test the response time. We’ll report back when we receive a response from the Vonage service team.

The automated response asked us for a Vonage number. We pressed 0 and then 0 again and we were placed on hold for a customer service representative. The call was answered within 35 seconds by a nice gentleman who told us there was no email address for customer service, but he happily told us about the email form on the website. The customer service call was a breeze.

Do you have experience with Vonage? Was that experience GREAT or HORRIBLE? We’d love for you to share your story so we can pass some real customer service stories on to visitors of the site. Leave a comment with your story today.

I have referred on Labour Day a friend at his resident 5438 C. Bairdale Lane, Dubline,OH in USA and he has applied online whose # 614-408-8244. My friend name is Rashid jamal and his contact # 404-7299451.

So Please send all necessary things as soon as possible because he informed me yesterday that

he did not receive any thing from Vonage.

406-75 Stewart Street

Oakville,On L6K 1 7

please be sure my account has been cancelled and my number released to voipo

vonage, I agree with a comment above, vonage must be operated byt the Taliban.

Be warned if a company on the internet does not list their business address and/or only has one telephone number they don t want to hear from you but they do want your money. If give you vonage

Beverly Randall says:

My rates kept changing without my knowledge so I changed to Time Warner. I received a new phone number but Vonage charged my bank account even though they could see I haven t had service on that old number since beginning of May. Group Manager Eric Rodrigus employee#55672 wouldn t refund my $24.33 or give me a supervisor name or number or email to fix this. He just offered to cancel me so that I wouldn t be charged again. I m very disappointed since in the past when I was being overcharge which he saw I didn t ask for refund but when I did he d rather just cancel me.

Jim Phillips says:

I enjoyed my phone service except when my internet went down and I lost phone service. The other problem was that in 2007 I paid $16.95 a month and now 2013 it is $36.00 plus. If you go to change your portability phone number use Vonage s address not your own because it is V.O.I.P. and the transfer is from Vonage on paper. I went with Straight Talk for the price/phone service ONLY. There customer service is terrible (language problem) as it is off shored to Guatemala. It is wireless (via Verizon) with battery backup so it works even without power. Take it in your RV, home, cabin, etc.

sOFY SMITH says:


The WORST customer service you can experience. I have been on the phone for 4 days but every time they try to connect me to their BILLING DEPT , the line gets disconnected They increase the rate whenever they feel like and then don t want to talk about it. No response to emails either. You spend 45 minutes trying to get a hold of a CSR, only to be disconnected. DO NOT TAKE VONAGE GET A PREPAID PHONE OR USE TELEADVANTAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL CALL VERY REASONABLE. VONAGE SUCKS BIG TIME!

I originally cancelled my Vonage service 8.27.2014. After realizing they were still charging my credit card, I called again to cancel. I was promised this time it would be cancelled. I then receive another bill with a past due balance. I m so frustrated with this company, this has to be an intentional practice and is illegal.

Do not use Vonage, can t stress this enough.

Ralph Revill says:

Use to be a great service now its terrible. You would be much better off with Magic Jack and much cheaper. I have both and Magic jack is better. Its so nice NOW to hear hold on we are tring your call sorry cannot connect try later. Thats your first signal to change to Magic jack. Vonage NO NO NO NO

I am not satisfied with the service..

I called voange few days back..and customer care person gave me a plan

I.e vonage world plan for next 6 months with 15 dollar bill every month..and for another 6 montha 20 dollar approx every month..these all are inclusive taxes..

You can check my ref no. For the call is
S5 A 1VWS31NE. person name was fred..please go ahead and check the call recorded..

This luks like a cheating to me..we are really old customer using vonage from last 3.5 yrs..the previous no. Was on my husband name you can check. MR piyush Ohari..

As i have seen resent deduction from my acct ia 20 dollar rather than 15 dollar as promised for 6 months..and its showing me the next deduction will be 29 dollar so thats clear should give me what u promised. i am highly disappointed with vonage this time

I have tried 3 4 seperate times to cancel my service and have been denied or lied to that it is cancelled. You are rip off artists and don t deserve to be in business

Ray Chartrand says:

Have to agree with everyone s comments. It s impossible to cancel with these guys. Have been trying for the past 3 months with talking to multiple off shore people. I ve been deliberately hung up on several times. They ask for info from accounts of 10 years ago that no longer exist and tell you that it s your problem not theirs.
Am sending a registered letter today as a last ditch effort as even putting a stop payment with the bank has had no effect on them.

Thank you for this information. I would have been unable to contact them without this information.


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