Apr 4 2018

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auto dealer

  • Auto dealer

Auto dealer

Auto dealer

  • Auto dealer

    Everything you need to TRACK Vendor Conversions!

    The #1 trusted lead tracking software for car dealers.

    Our Services

    Auto dealer

    Auto Dealership Analytics

    Track conversions from each vendor.

    Auto dealer

    Vendor Lead Tracking

    Dealer Analytics is extremely expansive, complex, and multifaceted.

    Auto dealer

    Vendor Conversion Tracking

    Dealership management and marketing has changed rapidly over the past decade, making it extremely difficult for dealers to stay up-to-date and remain competitive.

    Who We Are

    Dealer Analytics is a turnkey SEM system designed to perform among the top internet 1st generation lead analysys providers in the industry. After spending more than 17 years in the automotive digital marketing world our founder and CEO has developed an unprecedented digital marketing system capable of performing 100% of the time. Compared to other vendors our system has been able to surpass all of our client’s expectations. We generate high quality first generation leads, with a lower than average bounce rate and high conversion rates.

    We are confident that you will see results as soon as you start our program, therefore we would like to extend a free trial for your dealership.

    Our Products and Services

    Auto Dealer Sales Training

    Auto Dealership Sites

    Dealership Website Awards

    With the constant advent of new technologies, the continual adjustment of online marketing methodology, and the ever-expanding world of social media it is nearly impossible for dealers to stay abreast of the most current trends. Auto dealer sales training teaches dealers how to implement and utilize new technologies, systems, and marketing methods, enabling them to effectively manage their business and sustain its success. . Learn more

    Auto dealership sites today serve as extensions of your dealership’s showroom. With more customers beginning their car buying experience online having a truly efficient and effective auto dealership site is more important than ever before. Auto dealership sites must be optimized for search in order to increase exposure and brand awareness while remaining easy to navigate and appealing to use. . Learn more

    Dealer management is extremely expansive, complex, and multifaceted. In order to run an efficient and productive business dealers today rely on multiple systems intended to enhance inventory management, customer relations, marketing efforts, and improve overall dealer functions. The use of these dealer products helps boost efficiency, improve internal business management, and increase sales, making them an invaluable asset to dealers everywhere. . Learn more

    We hold various competitions for a multitude of categories in order to provide thorough feedback and well-deserved accolades. Whether it be for best design, best SEO, or best content, professionals of all kinds can submit their work into one or several of our competitions for consideration. . Learn more

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