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What Are My Options For Auto Shipping Services?

Door-to-Door vs. Terminal-to-Terminal

For door-to-door shipping, the car carrier picks-up your vehicle at your home or workplace and delivers your vehicle to your final destination. For terminal-to-terminal shipping, you deliver your vehicle to a vehicle storage location where the car carrier will then pick up your vehicle. It is delivered to a similar type of location near your final destination.

Open or Enclosed

Open transport is the less expensive and most common way to ship a vehicle. New cars often arrive at dealerships all across the US on open auto transport trucks. Enclosed transport is typically priced higher, and it protects your vehicle from dust, rain, snow and other elements. High-end vehicles are recommended to be shipped enclosed.

Operable vehicles are vehicles that run, brake, and steer properly so that they can be driven onto the truck. Inoperable vehicles require special equipment to pull the vehicle onto the truck. If your vehicle is inoperable you need to let the auto shipping company know, so they can make sure the truck that picks up your vehicle has the proper equipment.

DAS maintains one of the largest and most versatile auto transport fleets in the industry, including both open and enclosed auto transport trucks along with trucks properly equipped to handle inoperable vehicles. DAS maintains a network of partner terminals across the country offering the convenience and affordability of terminal to terminal auto shipping.

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