Desert Valley Auto Parts has a TV show! #auto #carpet #kits

#desert valley auto parts

Desert Valley Auto Parts has a TV show!

So I know there have been other posts about DVAP, for those that haven’t heard of it – its a junkyard up on the north side of town here that specializes in classic cars.

(I just recently found out it was there! I tried to go up there a month or two ago and the only road to get to the place had apparently been a dirt road and as I arrived I came upon a small battalion of bulldozers and steam-rollers setting about to change all that by laying down fresh steaming asphalt. Not going to make it in my car – welp, that was a fun drive.)

Anyways they actually have a TV show now! Kinda weird right? I know. Its on Discovery HD and the show is called Desert Car Kings. (err thats how it is on my *** cable at least) I caught one other episode and its. meh. imho. They try to through in a bit too much fake drama.

BUT the episode that was on just now was all about OLDSMOBILES! The old guy that owns the yard they show driving around in a 70 w-30 convertible and they have a “junker” 70 442 (maybe w-30, OAI at least) that they fix up to auction off. When they finish it they take both of them out to Firebird raceway and drag race the two.

They get major kudos in my book for doing the Olds, but come on – the Owner guy called it a “four forty-two” every single time. EVERYBODY else the entire show says it right. couldn’t even fake it for TV man!?

Looks like you can watch it online. May have to make my way up there again and see if I can get on TV! LOL.

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