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Last Friday, my car battery kicked the bucket. I even had problems just trying to make it home.

My car battery came with a 3 year guarantee, however, which meant that I could replace it. The problem was that it could hold a charge, but was leaking the battery acid continuously so that it was causing corrosion to eat away at some parts (also had to be replaced).

So, we took it to the Discount Auto Parts where we got the battery. Now, we knew that the managers would try and NOT replace the battery and it would be a bit of a hassle. What we did not anticipate was the conduct of the manager and how he handled the situation.

He told us he had to test the battery and if it could hold a charge he could not replace it. Expected. So, he did just that. The battery held the charge and he said he could not replace it. We offered to have him look at the area outside so that he could see that the acid had leaked all over the place. It was all over the battery itself as well. He refused. Expected. He was havng a a hard time communicating in English with my bf so I offered to translate. He refused and started giving us major attitude. He started talking to his co-worker in Spanish and complaining about us IN FRONT of us.

We asked to have the number to the headquarters. Reluctantly, he gave it us. When Zac actually got someone on the line and started to voice his complaint. The manager, by now exasperated, told us he was going to look at the car. In the end, he did see all the corrosion and the parts that had been damaged becase of it and where the acid had leaked. So, he decided to give us a new battery. How kind.

After he calmed down, he was more helpful and that is why I did not give them one star. But, I will NEVER come back to this place again because of this guy s unprofessionalism.

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