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How Does a ChiltonDIY Subscription Work?

  1. A user will select a vehicle using our vehicle selection guide. This allows you to choose from a complete library of do it yourself automotive guides.
  2. A user will choose either the 30-Day or 1-year pricing plan and complete the registration and checkout process for their new automotive DIY guide.
  3. During registration, a user will choose a username and password.
  4. The credit card number used during checkout will be charged once for either the 30 Day subscription price, or the 1 year Subscription price – whichever is chosen by the user.
  5. Once checkout is complete, the digital product will launch and be available for use immediately.
  6. When a user logs out, he or she can log back in by going to and entering the username and password that he or she created during registration.
  7. Access to vehicle(s) will expire 30 days or 1 year from the date of checkout, depending on which plan was chosen and paid for.
  8. Users can add another vehicle repair guide to their account by logging in with their username and password and then going to the home page to select and purchase another vehicle.

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