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The staff at DIY Auto is helpful, friendly, and competent. I would say that anyone who is going somewhere else would be losing money. I… Read More

BEWARE! I took my car to this guy  (Norman Heck aka Skip ), because I trusted him. He really seemed to know his stuff, and I thought he was an honest and professional mechanic. He not only scratched my hood so deep that the paint came off (looks like someone put a mechanical component on the top of it and it slid), but he didn t even own up to the responsibility of not connecting the power steering pump to the reservoir correctly! His response to anything is that it was like that before he got it. Along with that, my car was in the shop nearly two weeks. I was told it would only take a few days. He has great rates, but it is NOT worth it. I REGRET TAKING MY VEHICLE TO HIM! It was a HUGE mistake. Do It Yourself Automotive is a joke, and if you don t believe me; take a good look around the shop and at the way things are run. Take your car elsewhere if you don t want any trouble.

Do It Yourself Automotives response to Lucas K. As we all know, You can t please everyone all the time. While some of what Lucas is saying is accurate, he is not telling the whole story. On 7/3/12 Lucas came to us asking us to replace his timing chains and motor mounts on his 2006 Altima. We agreed and I told him we would try to get his car back by Friday the 6th. I ordered his parts from a Nissan Dealership and they arrived the next day. We got the motor out of the car on Thursday the 5th and found a very worn set of Chains, Tensioners and Guides as well as 3 of the four motor mounts.  Friday we started to put his car back together and found that the Dealer had sent us some wrong parts and completely left out another part. This put us in a bind as the parts had to be special ordered and would take a couple of days to get. Being Friday afternoon, the dealer told us that the soonest we could get them was Wednesday afternoon. Throughout this process we were in contact with Lucas making sure he had transportation. He continually said it s no problem, He was using a company car. On Tuesday the 10th he told us he had to give the company car back to a coworker and needed transportation. At that time we rented Lucas a car at no cost to him, until we could complete the repairs on his. On Saturday the 14th we finished his car and he picked it up. He was back in 15 minutes complaining of steering  and transmission issues with the car. He had been in about a week or two prior to the timing chain/motor mount repairs complaining of steering issues. I test drove the car and found no problems. I explained to him that we repaired the timing chains on his car, not the steering or the transmission. Neither of the issues have anything to do with the work we performed. John, Our ASE Certified Master Technician went with him on a test drive to experience these issues and found nothing. John asked Lucas how the engine ran and Lucas responded, Its GREAT! John replied, that s what we fixed.  John also explained to me after the ride that Lucas was driving the car like it was a NASCAR event and actually scared John.  Lucas returned again an hour or so later still complaining of a clicking in the steering wheel which I could not recreate. I explained to Lucas that we would love to look into these issues and repair them at an additional cost. He said he would return in a week or so. On7/19/12 Lucas came to our shop saying his steering was whining. I looked and his reservoir was a little low on fluid so I filled it up at no cost to him. As I was doing this he said he had found a scratch on the hood of his car the day before and accused us of causing it. As I tried to explain the care we took he kept cutting me off and getting louder and eventually yelling. This I admit got me excited and I got angry and told him to leave the property.  This is a Black car. There is no way one could miss the scratches he showed me for 5 days and then just all of a sudden see them. They stood out like a neon sign. We took very good care to make sure that we caused no damage to his vehicle or any other for that matter. The first thing we did when his car came in, was take the hood off the car completely wrap it up and placed it in another part of the shop where it couldn t get damaged. To us it seems he wants to blame us for every problem the car has now.   He was quoted $2230.00 and his final bill came to $2097.84.   Sincerely, DIY Automotive

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