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Make a Difference with Boat Donations!

When you donate a boat, personal water craft, or other vessel to your favorite charity, the humanitarian rewards are invaluable for your selected charity s cause!

Donating a sailboat, power boat, yacht, or houseboat using our service is fast and easy. We are experts in facilitating boat donations! We pick up promptly, provide service everywhere, and never charge the donor to pick up a donation.

If you are planning to donate, it can quickly be determined if your donation is acceptable. Simply complete and submit our online donation form below, or:


You are under no obligation when you call or submit our evaluation form.

We have the trust and confidence of some of the best-known charities in America, with whom we work exclusively to process the boat donations they receive.

We are completely committed to unsurpassed customer service when you donate a boat. We send all the IRS required receipts and forms promptly to donors as soon as vessels are sold.

We increase the selling price of donations whenever it is economically beneficial to the charity by performing renovations, and then, when feasible, marketing the vessel in the retail market rather than in the wholesale market to increase the amount of money going to the charity—and the tax savings for the donor are increased as well.

The “Careb” is a beautiful Custom Trawler, donated in Washington, North Carolina, and transported by Action Donation Services down through the Chesapeake Bay to Yorktown, VA where the renovations were completed. It was then sold to provide many more years of fishing for a new owner. The sale of this donation helped to provide funds for ocean conservation and boater safety—and gave the owner an opportunity to claim a significant tax deduction.

We Love to Accept Qualified Vessels of All Types

We love to accept vessels of all types that will benefit our charities. Many of our competitors simply do not want to handle boat donations and do nothing of consequence to increase the value of such property.

This 2000 World Cat, donated in Jacksonville, Florida, and processed by us, once sold, brought much needed funds to the Jacksonville Humane Society and saved the lives of many abandoned pets.

When you donate a boat, we frequently make significant improvements to your donation whenever it makes economic sense and when such improvements will improve the vessels value. Action Donation Services also offers donors the opportunity to receive a partial cash payment for qualified high value donations in addition to receiving the possibility of a tax deduction.

Our team of experts is totally committed to providing customer satisfaction for every donor and to providing the greatest revenue possible for your selected charity, foundation, or church.

Action Donation Services completely renovated this 2000 Glacier Bay 26 in San Diego prior to selling it … in order to achieve the maximum legal tax deduction for the donor and to maximize the funding going to the charity. This donation is typical of the effort put into maximizing the value of donations handled by our services.

This 1995 Luhrs 320 Convertible, donated in Santa Barbara, CA, after renovations, was promptly sold! The donor was elated with the outcome and the large tax deduction he was able to realize.

We take pride in our efforts to maximize income for charities, as well as increasing the tax benefits for our donors.


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