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Minnesota Car Donation Or Sale: What’s Easier? You Decide

When you have a car in St. Paul or Minneapolis, or in any other part of Minnesota including Rochester or Duluth, you have options if you want to get rid of it. For many MN residents, finding a new owner for an unused car is a task met with trepidation and anxiety because of all that’s involved with MN car sales. But as we said you have options, and not all of them are difficult and involved.

Your Car, Your Choice

As vehicle owner you have options when the time comes to sell or otherwise remove a vehicle from your property. And before we get too far ahead let us mention, too, that this also applies to other types of vehicle sales and removal in Minnesota. The same options you have for selling or removing a car are the options for selling or removing virtually any type of vehicle (so when we say you can donate car to us, know also that you can donate boat, RV, snowmobile, motorcycle donate vehicle of any type and qualify for the benefits that will be outlined herein).

The three basic options you have when you want to be rid of an unwanted or underused vehicle in MN include:

Private car sale
Car trade-in
Car donation

For all intents and purposes, car sales and trade-ins equate to the same thing and carry the same types of risks, so for our purpose here we’ll include them in the same category. Only car donations are unique in their rewards, as we’ll see next.

Selling A Car In Minnesota

Selling a car and making a little profit seems like the most valuable option at first, but if you really look into it the risks and obligations may outweigh the financial benefit. To sell a car in MN you have to

Spend money in advertising
Spend money on repairs
Be willing to accept liability risk if the vehicle isn’t in perfect condition
Be willing to meet with multiple buyers and allow for test drives
Be ready to negotiate and barter
Manage all registration and title transfers

And in the end, you are left at the mercy of the buyer or salesperson (if you opt to trade the vehicle in). Quite likely, you’ll be talked down to bare-minimum value or probably even less just to be rid of the vehicle. And if the vehicle just will not sell, what then? Salvage and pay towing expenses, profiting not at all?

Benefit More From MN Car Donations

On the other hand you could donate car to our charity with an easy online process and still benefit financially. To donate car to our charity all you have to do is

Fill in a short and simple ‘Donate Vehicle’ form
Field contact call or email from our charity.
Provide keys and title (if you lost the title, the MN car donation website can help)
Wait for our charity to tow your vehicle donation away (for free, of course)

You’ll notice there is no haggling and paperwork involved, but the benefit of MN car donations to our charity do not stop there; as we mentioned, there are financial benefits to helping our charity by donating your car in MN.

MN car donations qualify for the Fair Market Value Tax Deduction with the IRS so even though you do not sell the car for cash, you still get money via a tax write-off
MN car donations qualify you for free vacations your choice for all your qualified car donations of hotel accommodations, cruises, and more

Together, these benefits will add up to more than the profit you can get from a car sale or trade-in. Add to that the satisfaction of giving to a worthy charitable cause, and you definitely come out the clear winner as you get rid of that vehicle burden. But we said the decision was up to you; so what’s easier, a MN vehicle donation or sale? We think you know the answer now, and you can go right now to donate vehicle online and generate your tax and vacation rewards.

Donate Car Online easily through these MN Car Donation options.

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