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For over a half century Don’s has been supplying recycled automotive parts to the commercial, wholesale and retail customers in the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

Don’s Quality Used Engines are inspected, cleaned, tested and put on a pallet ready for immediate shipment. Each engine test includes, oil pressure and vacuum checks, as well as oil and antifreeze leaks. Mileage on all used engines is recorded and printed for you right on the invoice, unless the engine mileage is unavailable. All Don’s Quality used engines are guaranteed and warranted as outlined on our warranty page, unless otherwise stated on front of invoice. Don’s Automotive Mall has always been known for the best warranties in the business with several warranty options available.

Every Quality Engine We Sell Includes:

  • Clean and test
    • Vacuum test
    • Oil Pressure
    • Fluid Leakage – oil / antifreeze
    • Motor Runs
  • Re-inspect at time of order fulfillment
  • Quality control manager sign-off before shipment
  • Toll free technical assistance
  • Same day shipping

We place all our engines on pallets. Many of our competitors simply bring in an engine or transmission and set it on the floor. Engines tend to tip over and damage other parts on the engine, like the “egr” valve or other plastic parts that the customer then has to transfer from their ending. Placing each one on a pallet prevents tipping over and thus saves you installation time and money.

We go the extra mile by unplugging and unbolting wires, accessories, and remove all cut hoses so the customer does not have to – speeding up the installation process.

We are confident you will find our engines to be of excellent quality, cleaned, tested and ready for use upon arrival.

We ship our quality used auto parts via UPS, FED-EX, US MAIL and Common Carrier. If you are in upstate New York or Eastern Pennsylvania we may even ship it to you on our own truck. At Don’s Automotive Mall we deliver quality used auto parts daily with our fleet of 18 trucks to our surrounding area.

So remember when it comes to Quality used engines, transmissions, transfer cases, axle assemblies and more, call Don’s Automotive Mall Inc. 1-800-283-3667.

We have three great ways to help you in your search for the best engine available.

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