Jun 25 2017

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Nissan N14 Pulsar Workshop Manual Volume 1 (includes B13 NX and Pulsar GTI-R Models)

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File Hosting Issues Resolved, Download Limits Still Apply

We have now completed relocating our files after the recent closure of our file hosting company. At present all should once again be available for download.

We remind you of the policy we had before regarding download limits. You can download a maximum of 3 manuals before your access will be restricted.

This is to keep costs down, seeing as we have a maximum of 3 manuals per vehicle model, you should not require any more than 3 manuals at any time.

About Us / Our Aim

Beginning in 2002, we undertook a project very close close to our hearts. Working in an automotive dealership for some years and seeing the amount of outdated information allowed for public release, we began to collect our first articles, taken from projector slides for many old vehicles.

This was important at the time because the models in question were well over a decade old and all supply of factory parts had been discontinued.

The slides and factory service manuals for these vehicles are normally completely disgarded.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

It has come to our attention that some people are trying to sell manuals we have free for download on private websites eBay, where they request payment in exchange for a PDF download link.

Please help prevent these scams which cash in on freely provided information, many of these sellers have simply downloaded the information from sites like ours and advertised it for sale elsewhere.

Spread the word about our website, linking to us on websites and referring others here in forums posts will help make known the amount of free information.

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