Feb 13 2017

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I cannot speak for “Chest Rockwell”, but I can tell you my name is Bacon Jennings that I do work for Express Credit Auto (ECA). My office is at the I-240 & Santa-Fe location, and my direct number is 405-516-2733. In response to “ccook60”, let me first say that I can assure everyone the response provided by “Chest Rockwell” is certainly not a response from upper management, nor is it the attitude of ECA to berate disgruntled customers in online discussion boards no matter how harsh their comments may be towards to the company.

In response to the other listed complaints: I am sorry that your experiences with ECA has not been good. It obviously concerns me that you would be unwilling to purchase another vehicle from us. I would like to address your listed concerns in an attempt to salvage relationships that we value very much.

1. I can assure you that all of our vehicles are not the same price. We offer a wide selection of vehicles that vary in price, size, equipment and mileage.

2. We would agree that using payment devices is not ideal, however we specialize in the high-risk credit market. The use of payment devices allows the underwriters the opportunity to loan money to individuals who otherwise may not qualify for financing. We did experience a number of problems with the devices we previously placed in the vehicles, so I do not doubt the validity of your statement. I can tell you that we have switched technologies and no longer use devices that require manual input of codes, or are even visible for that matter. This has significantly reduced the number of reported issues while still allowing us to qualify individuals regardless of their credit histories.

3. I cannot speak to the mechanical issues with your vehicles, as I do not have the specific information available to me. If you would like to call me and provide this, I would be happy to address it in a more detailed manner. It appears however, that even though your vehicles had issues, we stood behind the vehicles and had the issues corrected. We do check every vehicle thoroughly before offering them for sale, in an attempt to ensure that we are providing the best possible transportation choice available. We do make mistakes, and we are not perfect. This is the defining reason behind our warranty. We all understand that cars are mechanical, and no matter how thoroughly something is examined or serviced, things will still break or go bad. We cannot control this; we can make every attempt to correct an issue once it arises.

4. Even though we are a “Buy-Here Pay-Here”, Express Credit Auto is not reponsible for, nor do we administer the loans offered for vehicles purchased on our lots. We work with a company called Auto Advantage Finance (most current or previous customers will recognize this) and they service the loans issued against the vehicles used as collateral. As a matter of fact, you will never see ECA listed as a lienholder on a title, as a payee on a vehicle payment, etc. This is no different than buying a vehicle from “XYZ Ford”, and having the financing arranged through one of the lenders they work with, such as “ABC Bank”. Auto Advantage Finance (AAF) maintains “branches” if you will, at all four of our locations. The decision to work with you on payments or to “come after your vehicle” is no more under my control than it is yours; the exact same as the experience would be at “XYZ Ford”. Whether or not your vehicle is running properly is of no real consequence to the bank, as it does not change the fact that you would still have scheduled payments due that you promised to make when signing your finance contract. ECA’s concern would obviously be with your vehicle’s condition and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. While I understand your complaints, I simply feel as if they are being directed at the wrong company. Again, you wouldn’t call “XYZ Ford” and complain to your salesman if you had fallen behind on your payment to “ABC Bank” who financed the vehicle. You would of course call if the vehicle wasn’t running properly. I acknowledge the fact that we have chosen to maintain and establish a close relationship with AAF, and I do take your concerns seriously. I will pass them along to the appropriate personnel within AAF.

Once again, I apologize for any issues that we may have caused, and I invite you to call me at anytime to discuss your concerns further. Thank you.

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