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Accelerated Extra Payment Calculator

Extra Principal Payment Help

The accelerated payment calculator will calculate the effect of making extra principal payments. A very small extra principal payment made along with a regular payment can save the borrower a large amount of interest over the life of a loan, particularly, if those payments are started when the loan is relatively new.

For example, assume that you have taken out a loan for $130,000, for 360 monthly periods with an annual interest rate of 7 3/4%. If, with the 49th payment, you start to pay an extra $225, you will save $75,901.42 in interest payments and the loan will be paid off in 234 payments instead of the original 360 payments.

It is very easy to quickly calculate many different scenarios. Note that the higher the interest rate, the greater the savings for any extra payment amount. Also, for a normal amortizing loan, the interest savings will be greater the sooner the extra payments start. That is, you will save a lot more in interest if you pay an extra $50 a month for the last 20 years than if you pay an extra $100 a month for the last 10 years.

As with many of our other calculators, this calculator will also solve for an unknown input. For example, if you want the calculator to calculate the regular monthly payment, enter ‘0’ (zero) for the Periodic Payment and a non-zero values for Amount of Loan , Total Months , and Annual Interest Rate .

If you do not enter a ‘0’ value, the calculator will use your inputs. This allows you to use any payment amount that you need.

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