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Firestone Auto Care Corporate Office Headquarters

Firestone Auto Care Corporate Office Headquarters

Mr. MIKE GORDON, Manager,

1796 MORSE RD, Columbus, OH Friday, March 29, 2013

I was at your store on Thursday around 2 pm Friday, March 28, 2013. I have a 2002 Buick regal. I had four tires that I purchased installed at your store.

My whole experience from start to finish was a disaster!

I made the reservation on line, that was nice. I got to see what I wanted and was able to pick out my tires that I wanted installed.

I showed at 2p at your store. A very large man, I think his name was mark was working. I new when I seen him I was in trouble. His attitude and posture was just bad.

There was even a female guest in front of me that he waited on. Upon her leaving I over heard him and a service person make a comment about a customer, about how good looking she was. Give me a break the lobby was packed. Comments like that are not needed!!

Anyhow, while there I had asked him to check for a location of a antifreeze leak, that I had smelled over the past week. I had also asked him for some addition quotes for a fuel filter and fuel ejector cleaning. Long story!!

The tires were installed and when I went to the service desk to pay I asked him about the leak. He had to check with the service person. At that time I was told YES IT WAS LEAKING.

Ok so now what. They never looked to see wear it was coming from! In addition, that was it! I was glad to pay my bill and get out of there fast. He was in toooo much of a hurry to do anything else and while I was asking questions, he asked me for my payment twice. But I wasn t done asking questions!

Therefore, I drove home. I live within walking distance some 800 yards. I parked the car and latter ordered dinner. on the way there my low tire light came on! I right away called the store! The same man answered the phone. I told him what the problem was and he asked if I needed it checked right away? Was he kidding? He then told me that he could not get it in that night! He was kidding right. Nope he sure was not!

I was so mad! I hung up the phone and called your customer service number. The woman on the phone was able to call the store direct and got me right in! Funny how that works!

When I got there, there were 7 empty bays open! I new what the problem was when I called to begin with, it was 610 pm! Time for them to go home!

They brought the car in and right out. I was told that there was not enough air in the tire. I figured that as the light on the dash had came on!

I am so unhappy with the way this was handled!

I am 46 this is my first visit to a firestone store! I will not be back not even if they are giving away free money and tires! It was just a very bad over all experience!

Also if my low tire light does come back on today I will dispute the charges on my credit card for a bad and or damaged product. The credit card company 9 times out of 10 always finds in favor of the consumer, as you know. Let us hope that this little problem that could have been handled very quickly and professionally does not get out of control!

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