Mar 11 2018

Firestone Complete Auto Care in Nashville, TN 37203, Citysearch, firestone auto care.#Firestone #auto #care

Firestone Complete Auto Care Firestone auto care

1221 Broadway , Nashville , TN 37203 Map & Directions

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Firestone auto care

Firestone auto care

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Our skilled technicians at your Nashville, TN Firestone Complete Auto Care are ready to serve all of your vehicle needs, keeping your car

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Incompetent, bad exp with serviceman named Albert I had the check engine light on problem and I took it to this shop. and what a terrible exp I had!! they charged me $99 for the diagnosis and told me that it would cost $550 to replace the front O2 sensor to fix the car. and they had the service guaranteed. and then the nightmare began. I went ahead and paid it in full. after 12 hrs I took the car home, the check engine light came back on. I took it back to the shop. this Albert guy said that there was no way that they could figure out what the exact problem is. they will replace the front O2 sensor, if not fixed, then the back O2 sensor, if still not fixed, then the cat converter. and on and on. what a joke!

Tried to take my son for over $500 My son popped the air out of one of his tires. He went there and asked if they could fix the tire and exchange it with the donut he had on the car. They said they could not fix it and that he actually needed a whole new set, which just happened to be on sale for a total of $525. My son said he had to check with his parents. The man picked up the phone and wanted to call right then. My son declined and said he would call and come back if need be. He went to another shop and the tire was completely fixed for $20. I think they saw a nice, young college student and tried to take advantage of him.

Recommended unneeded repairs Of course you are looking at this review after you suspect a problem, and not before.

Beware. I’m from North Carolina and while visiting my daughter over the Christmas, 2007 Holidays I found some problems with her car. I took it to Firestone Tire and Auto Center at 1221 Broadway where I was advised of many things wrong with the car. Not having any other options at the time I went ahead with the recommended service. I cannot speak to the quality of service. The repairs were not things that could be seen except for a new radiator which was installed. When I picked the car up and turned on the heater, there was a strong odor of exhaust fumes coming into the cabin of the car. This was something new as we had never had any trouble of this kind before. I took the car back to Firestone and was later advised that the exhaust manifold was damaged. The solution they offered was that they or I could take it to a person nearby and have it welded. I was advised that it would only cost ME about $50.00 to $100.00 to have this done. I called a friend who happens to be a certified welder and ask if an exhaust manifold could be properly welded. He advised that it had been his experience that due to the type metal they were made of, they did not respond well to welding repairs and to save that expense and replace the manifold. After all I had experienced with Firestone I took the car to an exhaust system repair shop and had them check it never telling them what the people at Firestone had said. They advised the pipe going from the manifold to the catalytic converter was damaged so the problem was not the manifold. I asked if this repair could be made by welding. They stated it could not. Of course, I had to have this damage repaired totally at my expense.

Nightmare! I’ve made several trips to this Firestone and now I am taking my car to my old tire place out of town. I replaced a punctured tire several months ago. After driving home from the replacement I noticed it was very off balanced. I called them and made arrangements to take the car in the next morning to get it balanced. After picking up my car the next morning, I noticed that my tires had been rotated too even though I just wanted it balanced. Not thinking too much of it I left the store and now experienced heavy pulling to the left at highway speeds. I called again and the lady who answered the phone (and the one who helped me in person) said the rotation was never done and basically said I was lying. I told her that it was indeed rotated since the new tire was an off brand and clearly visible and in a different place than it was earlier before I took it in! Well, I took it back the next day, had to pay now for a alignment too and didn’t even needed the tired rotated.

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