Sep 28 2016

Fisher Auto Parts – Auto Repair – 1414 E High St – Charlottesville, VA – Reviews

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I have an old vehicle (1986), and this is the place I always go for parts.

The price is right, the sales people are very attentive, and they almost always ask what the problem is that you are having with your vehicle, and offer advice, and help you brainstorm on how to fix it.

One time, I won t go into full details, but I had to drive my truck with a screwdriver.   1400 miles, with a screwdriver for a key.  I didn t mind.  It worked.  The only problem was is that I was due for an inspection, and was pretty certain that it wouldn t pass with a key that was a screwdriver.   No big deal, as I figured I d just get a new lock ignition assembly and be good to go.

The guy at Fisher spent 10 + minutes helping me figure out an alternative, and even made a couple phone calls to people he knew to check and see if certain MacGyver type ideas that we were brainstorming to fix it would pass inspection.

Those other big chain stores just up the road that start with the letter A are dead to me.   This place feels like a locally owned store, and has the service to match.

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