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Foreclosure Defense

A well-defended foreclosure has many benefits:

  • You can continue to live in your home during the fight
  • You can continue to collect rent from investment properties
  • You may get a meaningful loan modification offer that brings the principal balance on your loan down to the market value of your home
  • You may avoid a deficiency judgment on an underwater property
  • You could develop facts that will force the bank to settle on better terms

Jacobs Keeley doesn’t ask for loan modifications through the loss mitigation nightmare that frustrates thousands of homeowners. This is often a futile effort with the Bank’s lost paperwork and false promises. Instead, the firm launches a comprehensive counter-attack to expose weaknesses in the Lender’s ability to foreclose.

In Florida, the real danger in foreclosure is not just losing your home, but getting hit with a judgment on the way out. Lenders may obtain a “deficiency judgment” for the balance of what you owe after selling your house at the foreclosure sale. Fortunately, Florida law allows Jacobs Keeley, PLLC to demand documents and ask the Lender tough questions before they can sell your home.

For many, fighting back is the best hope to save a property from foreclosure. Problematic foreclosures have the best chance of a meaningful loan modification with a principal balance reduction. For others hoping to get out from under an underwater property, fighting back is the best protection against being forced to pay the unpaid principal balance even after a shortsale or walking away.

Before opening the firm, Bruce Jacobs spent years representing banks in foreclosure actions in Miami and throughout Florida. Our law office proudly uses that knowledge and experience to empower homeowners and real estate investors. We constantly train on innovative legal strategies to provide insight and information for the client to make the best strategic decisions to deal with distressed properties. Only an attorney can go to court and fight to stop a foreclosure. When confronted with a legal dispute, Negotiate From Strength and let Jacobs Keeley help you achieve that position.

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