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Automobile replacement parts law

GEOStormchaser said: 07-19-2009 08:10 PM

Automobile replacement parts law

How many years are auto manufacturers required to make parts for cars that are no longer being made? If the number of years changed, when did it change. I specifically am interested in what the law would have been in 1999 for cars made in 1992 but discontinued in 1993. Reference to the applicable statute would also be helpful.

Apparently there was a recall on a part in 1999 that I need now for my 1992 Geo Storm GSI and there are also consumer compliants registered with the NHSTA, but no defect investigations that I could find. The part at issue is the ECM (computer module). I am the original owner of my 17 y.o. Storm and love the car. I just recently had to replace the computer and it’s the remanufacturered/replacement part that is ruining my car. We’re ordering another one, but after reading what I’ve just read this weekend I’m not optimistic. I found the recall notice well documented in an Isuzu 1999 recall notice and also in a WikiAnswer.

I’m just trying to prepare for what may be an exhaustive "argument" with GM over my car that runs like a top, or did before I replaced the computer when it began to no longer keep the ac cool. Had I known what I know now I might have done without the ac. It’s too late for that now. The dealership that has done all the service on my Geo is going to order another ECM, but I’m concerned they are all going to be defective. I knew that one of these days I would have trouble finding a part, but to find one and learn that it was part of a recall 6 years after the last Storm was made – 7 years after my year; and the remedy was ignored. this really bumbs me out.

I have a student loan late in life and do not need a new car expense right now. My 17 y.o. Storm is not your typical 17 y.o. car. I’ve kept it serviced and rebuilt/replaced parts to keep it running – and now this one part threatens to destroy my car and the investment I have in it.

I appreciate if you can direct me to the statute relative to car part availability. I’ve searched and searched on the Internet and can’t find it.

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