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Geneva Auto Show

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The Geneva Motor Show doesn’t have the most debuts or the biggest attendance, but year after year it always manages to draw plenty of interest from nearly every major auto manufacturer. In addition to the usual suspects, the Geneva auto show also attracts a large contingent of European design houses that use Geneva’s intimate show floor to display their latest designs. Without a home country to dominate the proceedings, there’s guaranteed to be an interesting mix of both production and concept vehicles from every corner of the world. And its place on the calendar each spring gives the European auto manufacturers one last chance to debut new models before the summer selling season.

The Geneva Motor Show is often called “a nice little show” because of its laid-back feel and easy-to-navigate show floor. With only two levels of displays in one giant hall, you can see just about everything on the show floor in one easy lap. Most of the major manufacturers have the kind of large displays you would expect, but the Geneva auto show floor also includes smaller stands where designers and small-volume specialty builders show off outlandish creations that you’re not likely to find in most auto shows.

Since its start in 1905, the frequency and neutrality of the Geneva auto show has made it a popular place for significant world premieres. Jaguar in particular has brought out some of its most famous nameplates at Geneva auto shows past. In 1951 it showed off the XK120 coupe, followed 10 years later by the now legendary E-Type. Ten years after that it was the Lamborghini Countach (1971) that drew the stares of show goers in Geneva. Another 10 years on and it was the Audi quattro (1980) making its world debut, followed a year later by the Volkswagen’s Scirocco coupe (1981).

As you can see, no one auto manufacturer can call Geneva home. From the British to the Italians to the Germans, you can find a little bit of everything at the Geneva Motor Show.

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