Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line #provo #plumber


Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line

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One problem with copper sulfate root killers for toilet applications, either septic or sewer, is that the ingredients flush past the roots along with the water. There is a new product called Root N Clean that solves that problem by using water soluble packets that get caught by the roots so that the foam coats the roots after the water has flushed by. It also allows consumers not to touch the copper sulfate or deal with hazardous materials at all. As a result, it is safe to use and very effective as a copper sulfate root killer.

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Check with your state for the booklet Tenants and landlords. In most states, the landlord is held responsible for the sewer line on his property. The land is his property, you are only renting.

By Lena Goff [2 Posts, 13 Comments]

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There is a granular substance that can be found at any hardware (Ace, Lowes, Home Depot) that works to kill any roots in your sewage lines. I have used it for years about twice a year and it works very well. I did the expensive camera and do have copies of my sewer line all the way to the street if anyone would like to buy one. -) I ignored their $9000 estimate and went with the granular and it has worked well for almost 10 years.

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We have a septic tank that kept backing up. We called our local septic tank company and they opened the cleanout valve. They looked to see if there was water laying in the pipe there between the septic tank and the house. If there was water in the pipe then the clog was in the septic tank and if there was no water in the pipe then the clog was in the house. It was determined that ours was in the tank so they ran a snake in the tank and found out that we have what is called spider roots. These are from dollar weed mostly. They suggested that we flush 1/4 cup of rock salt in the toilet once a week for about 2 months. After that just do it periodically. This will not harm the septic at all. The roots will absorb the salt and die off. We have been doing this for about 4 months now and have had no problem since.

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