Aug 12 2017

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High-quality Genuine GM Parts are specifically designed, made, and tested to help keep your GMC running at peak performance and appearance. After all, your vehicle is an original. It pays to keep it that way.


Genuine GM Parts offer both automatic and manual transmissions. Learn more about the design, performance, and warranty for each type of transmission.


Trust the Genuine GM Parts brand when you’re looking for engine repair parts or a replacement engine. Find out more about design, performance, and warranty details.



Accumulator/ Drier: (Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty Protection) ♢

The accumulator in your vehicle gathers and stores liquid refrigerant until it’s converted into a gas refrigerant.

Sign of wear:

Lack of or insufficient cooling in cabin

Compressor: (Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty Protection) ♢

The compressor compresses refrigerant. The compression leads to a change in the refrigerant’s boiling point that helps create the cold air that is delivered through the HVAC system.

Lack of or insufficient cooling

Excessive clicking sounds or unusual noises during A/C operation

Water Pump: (Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty Protection) ♢

The water pump is responsible for circulating engine coolant through the radiator and engine system to help maintain optimal engine operating temperatures.

Signs of wear:

Engine overheating

Leaking coolant

Condenser: (Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty Protection) ♢

The condenser cools refrigerant gas back into a liquid state.

Sign of wear:

Reduced cooling capacity in vehicle cabin due to physical damage or debris

Compressor Clutch:

A critical component of your HVAC system, the compressor clutch engages and disengages your compressor.

Reduced cooling in vehicle interior

Noise when running A/C system

Lack of or diminished airflow through cabin vents

Unusual noises coming from blower motor

Engine Cooling Fan:

The engine cooling fan, located behind your radiator, draws cool outside air through the condenser and radiator at low-speed operation to cool the engine.

Signs of wear:

Fan doesn’t turn

Poor A/C performance

Expansion Valve:

The expansion valve restricts the flow of refrigerant, allowing it to change from a high-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas, which provides the cooling effect of A/C.

Sign of wear:

Lack of cooling in cabin


Warm air from inside your vehicle is delivered to your evaporator. Moisture and heat is then removed from the air and returned to your cabin.

Sign of wear:

Lack of cooling in cabin

Heater Core:

Hot engine coolant from the cooling system circulates through the heater core to provide warm air to the passenger compartment.

Signs of wear:

Insufficient heat from vents

Wet carpet on passenger side


Engine coolant flowing through the radiator is cooled by wind and the radiator fan, helping to keep the engine within proper operating temperatures.

Signs of wear:

Leaking (often a bright green color)

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