Apr 7 2017

Good Student Discount on Car Insurance #best #auto #battery

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Save on Auto Insurance With a Good Student Discount

When your teenager begins to drive, your level of stress goes up – and so does the cost of your policy due to teen car insurance  rates. That’s because teens are calculated to be a higher risk the first few years they’re driving. A good student discount can reduce the expense of insuring your teen driver, making it more affordable. Here’s what you should know about car insurance and good student discounts.

What a student needs to get a good student discount

Nationwide offers a good student discount on auto insurance for drivers 16 to 24. They must be full-time high school or college students and maintain a minimum B average.

How to show that your student is a good student

When you purchase your car insurance, you’ll need to furnish proof of academic achievement, such as a current grade card or a form signed by a school administrator. If the student is homeschooled, the results from a standardized test, such as the PSAT, SAT or ACT, may be used. The homeschooled student needs to be in the top 20% of that test’s national performance.

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