Sep 26 2017

Homemade Masala Tea (Chai) Powder Recipe ~ Indian Khana #indian #tea #recipe


Homemade Masala Tea (Chai) Powder Recipe

Chai Masala or Masala Tea Powder is essential part of my pantry, chai or Indian tea is common beverage for us and we start our daily routine with a cup of masala, ginger, cardamom or ginger-cardamom chai/tea. I never make plain tea that’s just not me and it’s same habit in my parents and in-laws place too normally I make fresh ginger tea or some time I use ginger powder, if not this masala tea powder. The ease with masala tea powder is if we don’t have fresh ginger at home then it comes very handy to have masala chai (tea) instead, make once and it will last for a long time.

Most of you known by now my love for home made masala and masala tea powder is not exception, infact I don’t like at all store brought masala tea powder they are just plain bad in my view! Some time they make tea taste real bad so for us it’s total no-no as we are tea people more than coffee. This is my sister recipe which we all using for years now.

This chai masala powder lasts really almost 8 months to 1 year for me as this is strong masala chai powder and 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp for making 3-4 cups of tea is more than enough making this powder to run for long time. Also this stays fresh for long time till the end the frangance remains same even kept in room tempture.

This is the basic tea masala powder recipe, they are few variations and people add extra things too but for the start I thought of sharing this wonderful family recipe with you all where all the ingredients are easily available and everyone like tea made with this masala. The main ingredients in this chai masala powder is dry ginger also known as saunth or soonth. For people in Singapore you can find dry ginger in mustafa.

Other than listed cardamom, peppercorns, cinamom, cloves, dry ginger and nutmeg, you can also add fennel seeds, dried tulsi (holy basil) leaves, black cardamom, star anise etc.

But for this kind of spices tea masala some people might not like it so if you are new to making masala tea powder or trying of masala tea then start with this recipe I would suggest.

Homemade Masala Tea (Chai) Powder Recipe

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