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New Honda CBR 300

The new Honda CBR 300 has increased displacement creating more power than the previous version of the 250 with 30.4 Hp and 19.9ft-lbs of torque. The 2014 Honda CBR 300 has an increase in displacement by lengthening the stroke length, increased 8mm from 55mm to the new length of 63mm giving the CBR 300 a new displacement of 286cc. While the previous version of the Honda CBR already had excellent drivability with great low end torque. The New Honda CBR 300 will be even better. First gear wheelies were already easy on the previous Honda CBR , but now it’s going to be even easier to lift the front wheel of the Honda CBR 300 off the ground.

The Honda CBR 300 is an excellent machine for riding through twisty mountain roads, it handles on a dime and has excellent low end response to go uphill and accelerate out of a corner. The Honda CBR 300 continues this tradition and just plain gives you more of it. The top speed of the previous Honda CBR was 165 kph, and with this increase in the Honda CBR 300 displacement from the previous version it should easily outpace the previous version.

CBR 300 Top Speed

The top speed of the 2014 Honda CBR 300 has been tested to be 169 kph (105 mph). The test rider was wearing full gear with a total weight of 98 kg (216 lbs). The rider testing the top speed of the Honda CBR 300 was also sitting almost straight up. With a lighter rider in a fully crouched position the top speed is estimated to be 180-182 kph.The test bike also had 500 kilometers on it. The older CBR 250 has been reported to get faster with time, so the CBR 300 should follow in its footsteps and also loosen up over time.

CBR 300 Hp Torque

The dyno chart below shows torque and horsepower for the Honda CBR 300 from a meeting at Honda Thailand. The blue line indicates the torque and horsepower curves for the CBR 300. The top set of curves shows the CBR 300 torque presumably at the rear wheel, while the bottom set of curves show the horsepower for the CBR 300.

Please keep in mind that the horsepower and torque measurements for the CBR 300 are in Nm for torque and Kw for horsepower, they must be converted to LbFT and Hp.

22.8kw = 30.575 Hp

26.2nm = 19.324 Lbft

Honda CBR 300 Handling – Tires

The Honda CBR 300 is a great handling bike, that is very easy to control thanks to it’s light weight and geometry. The brakes on the Honda CBR 300 are also well capable. Although the tires that have plagued the previous Honda CBR has also come to haunt the new Honda CBR 300. Changing tires was the first thing to do on our list. So off with the stock IRC’s and on with the Rear 140/70R-17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tire . and the Front 110/70R-17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II WHAT A DIFFERENCE ! It totally transformed the bike from a good handling bike that can get slippery do to the oem tires to a bike that handles even quicker and sticks to the road many times better. This is probably the one single biggest improvement that can be made to the Honda CBR 300. You may be able to modify your Honda CBR 300 for faster speed but unless you can ride that power, whats the point? Get to know your Honda CBR 300 to its fullest potential. then get down and dirty and soup that baby up . While your friends are losing it in the corners and trying to stay in control, your CBR 300 will ride like it’s on rails through the curve.

Read Reviews – Front Pirelli Diablo Rosso II . Read Reviews – Rear Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tire

Honda CBR 300 vs Kawasaki Ninja 300

First we have to say that the Ninja 300 and the Honda CBR 300 took different paths in the looks department and it boils down to personal taste, both look totally awesome, very sport and just plain badass ! The Honda CBR 300 has revised the front headlight, looking similar to the CBR 500. Both the CBR 300 and Ninja 300 offer similar performance just like their 250 predecessors. The difference is so small that it basicly boils down to who gets the better start off the line.

Shifting and Power Curves of CBR300

Seriously, when we tested the two bikes we had to constantly look in the rear view mirror to know when to shift in order to stay ahead. The CBR 300 must be shifted sooner than the Ninja 300. This doesnt mean its slower, it just means it has to be shifted sooner, and thats it. We went head to head between the new Ninja 300 vs the new Honda CBR 300, and like in past comparisons the two bikes perform remarkably the same WHEN THEY ARE PUSHED HARD, at the extreme top end the Ninja will walk away slowly, but we credit this to two reasons – The CBR 300 uses a paper element air filter, while the Ninja 300 uses a dual layer foam element that breaths better. Additionally the CBR 300 uses a catalytic convertor which is twice as large as the Ninja 300.

CBR 300 Powerband vs Other 300cc Bikes

Now there are some discrepencies regarding the RPM range that either bike must operate in order to perform at its best. Some say that the CBR 300 is the better bike because it doesnt have to rev as high. We’d like to set ths straight right now, it doesnt matter what optimal RPM range the Ninja 300 or CBR 300 works best in. Why? Because eventhough the CBR 300 creates power at a lower RPM , the Ninja 300 RPM’s climb faster ! What this means is if the CBR 300 likes 7000 rpm, and the Ninja 300 likes 9000 RPM it will take the same time for each bike to reach the optimal RPM level and the performance will be the same. Remember, as long as it takes the same amount of time to reach those RPM’s the power and speed will be virtually the same.

Honda CBR 300 Price vs Upkeep

Ok so the Honda CBR 300 price is less than the Ninja 300 right? ok its cheaper when you buy it, but in the long run the Honda will have more frequent replacements for consumables, things like the brake pads, chains and cam chain tensioners will go long before the Ninja 300. So take this into consideration. Basicly the two bikes will cost the same to operate in the long run. But the Honda CBR 300 will be cheaper initially. Honda has designated that the new 2014 Honda CBR 300 has a price increase of no more than $700 USD and should be priced at least $2000 USD cheaper than the CBR 500, while also remaining cheaper than the Ninja 300.

Which one should you choose? The Honda CBR 300 or the Ninja 300? It comes down to which one you think looks best and whether you’re going to be carrying a rear passenger. The CBR 300 has a reputation for being very passenger friendly, whereas the Ninja 300 has a reputation for the passenger to dance with death, there were no grab handles in the past for the Ninja 300 and the passenger seat was a nightmare for passengers, leaving them to literally hang on for their life. The Honda CBR 300 however has a very comfortable passenger seat as reported by my ‘ahemm’ multiple female passengers. The Honda CBR 300 also has excellent grab handles so passengers can feel secure, which in turn will allow you to ride faster without fearing that your pasenger is going to fall off like on the Ninja 300 – So passengers aside, you cant go wrong with either bike !

Honda CBR 300 Specifications


Honda CBR 300 ABS or No ABS ?

The Honda CBR 300 with ABS does not release braking force after wheel lockup. What it does is respond to impending wheel lockup by releasing then reapplying braking pressure on the brake piston in split seconds. The Honda CBR 300 ABS system reduces speed while preventing the tires from skidding from rotor /piston lock up and skidding to a stop. The ABS system is more likely to prevent the Honda CBR 300 from skidding to a stop, although it is still possible for the tires to slide if the ‘on/off’ action of the Honda CBR 300 encounters an extremely slippery surface where the surface tension of a wet , oil slick or other sandy type aggregate can cause the bike to ‘hydroplane’. On dry surfaces and in normal rain without excessive oil residue however its more likely the Honda CBR 300 ABS system will prevent sliding of the wheels than with out ABS.

On non ABS Honda CBR 300 shuddering can be induced into the Honda CBR 300 when the brakes are stopping the tires and the tires are fighting for grip and will cause a slight bounce as the friction grabs, lets go, grabs, lets go and grabs again. When shuddering occurs it sends shockwaves throught the entire bike letting the rider know whats happening, a well designed bike tries to give the most rider feedback as possible, so the rider can compensate.

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