Sep 25 2017

How to Buy Used Car Speakers #public #auto #auction

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How to Buy Used Car Speakers

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There are many reasons that driving a car is a liberating and enjoyable experience. The freedom and independence that comes with driving can be nearly unparalleled. But for most people, the image of driving down an open road with the windows down is simply not complete if their favorite music is not zipping along with them. Unfortunately, many cars do not come standard with a powerful speaker system, which means an additional expense to get the very best sound. For those people who want to experience the excitement of powerful speakers without blowing out their bank account, buying used car speakers can be a great solution. There are many used car speakers available online, either on classified sites or on eBay, or even at used car dealerships or yard sales. However, it can be a bit difficult to navigate this type of purchase, which makes preliminary research extremely important. Factors such as size, location, type of car speaker, and installation procedures all play a role in determining whether you will be rockin’ and rollin’ or singing the blues.

Determine the Car Stereo’s Power

In order to choose the best used car speakers, it is first necessary to determine the power capability of the car’s stereo. This will determine what level of sensitivity will be needed in the car speakers. A speaker’s sensitivity rating, which is measured in decibels, describes how much power is necessary in order to produce a certain level of sound. The larger the number of decibels, the more sensitive the speakers are and the less power they require.

For car stereos that have low power output, as many manufacturer installed stereos do, more sensitive speakers will yield a larger (meaning louder) sound. To determine the power available in a car stereo, it is possible to either examine the stereo head or refer to the stereo or the car owner’s manual. Once this has been discovered, you can begin shopping for speakers that are either more or less sensitive to match the stereo.

Choose the Right Size

Before installing or replacing speakers in a car, it is important to figure out how big those speakers should be to fit into the space allotted in the car’s frame. Generally, the model of the car will determine what size speakers are needed. If it is not immediately apparent, either through examination of the car or manual, there are online databases that can help match up your car’s model with the speaker size necessary.

Decide Upon the Location of Speakers

Another consideration when determining the right size for used car speakers is where the speakers will go. Some people may only need or want to replace the rear deck speakers in their car, which will obviously require a different size and style of speakers than the front door speakers or the kick panel speakers. Below is a table listing some of the most common sizes of car speakers and where they are most appropriate

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