Dec 10 2016

How To Upholster Furniture. Reupholster Couch, Chair, Ottoman, Sofa. Recover Car, Boat Seats. Make Slipcovers #auto #mechanic #school

#auto upholstery


An Online Upholstery Class

Detailed Instruction on Furniture Upholstery, Auto and Marine Upholstery, How to Make Slipcovers, and Canvaswork

Read Safety Information At The End Of This Page Before Starting Any Of These Projects



—Practice By Making A Throw Pillow. Measure existing pillow with a tape measure, between the welts. The first measurement is up and down. Second is side to side. We’ll be using 1/2″ seams on most articles in our series, so, add 1″ to your measurements to get the cut size. Figure the length of the welt cord. It can be 1 1/2-2″ wide, it doesn’t have to be exact. Cut the welt material on the bias. click link above for more.

INSTALL A ZIPPER IN A PILLOW Learn to cover a zipper so it doesn’t show. It’s a similiar technique to installing a zipper in a boxed cushion as we show later.

HOW TO HAND SEW Learn to handsew with a curved needle. Use can use this skill to close cushions and pillows, to make repairs anywhere a seam has pulled or rotted out. You can also handsew the sides of outside backs or the front of outside arms insteads of using nail strips. Done right even contrasting thread won’t be visible.

Practice By Covering A Dining Chair Slip Seat: Remove seat. Most are screwed on, a cordless driver makes the job much faster. If you are working on a set of antique chairs it’s a good idea to number the seats and the chairs so the holes line up when you reinstall them. Mark the front of the seat. click link for more.

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